Porcelain Dolls

I grew up in a household with NO Females outside of my Mom.  Growing up with four brothers I was treated like a son with everything from toys to hand-me-downs.  When I got in high school my Mom decided to start treating me like a "girl"  (Note: girl not young woman) and begain buying me a collection of porcelain dolls. (blank face!)  Useless things that are breakable, boring, eye candy in outdated attire,  yet stylist in their own right.   I would hide them and she would keep putting them on display.  Well I wanted  to create pieces that are the epitome of my personality and history.  This past weekend I created my verson of the "Porcelain Doll" dress.  I can't wait to show it off @ the show next month.

Photo Via Feedagg


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