You can pay bag tax, but I'm bringing my own and in style!!

Ha!!!!! Introduce reusable bags to save the ozone and few people take heed.  Yeah we buy at first yet keep forgetting the darn things at home every time we go out shopping. So then you buy another and another and another……. Then they pile up and you’re left asking where the heck all these come from?  With the new bag tax, I think they are going to become the new fashion trend.  With 20 cents for every plastic bag received at a grocery store or retailer may not seem like much now, but it will soon enough.  They’ve already started it at some places.  My friend went the store, bought a few items and when he went to leave noticed they were just sitting there on the counter top.  We’re talking over 20 items and when he asked the clerk, she was like “oh, so you need bags?  Let me cancel this new transaction and I’ll ring you right up.”  Seriously!  She expected him to already have his bags, if not mention to have them in included in his purchase.  My , my how the world is a changing.  I’m thinking people will start carrying reusable bags all the time just to avoid an unpleasant incontinence at the store when this law is passed.  I’ve already seen some women carrying them in leau of totes on the train and in the library.  I decided to use mine as a purse today and got a few nice comments.  Of course it was the cutest one I had.  (Thanks Jo-Ann’s fabrics.)  The stores are really making them cuter and more colorful these days.  I going to buy one suitable for every outfit I own.  I just hope no one catches on and up the price.  $1 is enough.  How much are you willing to pay for plastic anyway?       #I'mEco-friendly



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