Book Cover Designer, too!

If you want a dreamy cover with an original fairy tale gown or custom clothes, models, MUA (make up artist), hair stylist, and professional photographer, then I'm your girl!

I am currently taking orders for book covers.

I would prefer to do a book cover for a YA, paranormal, or romance novel.

If you're looking for a book cover from me,  please let me know as many of these things as you can:

Author's name/pen name
What the main character(s) look(s) like
Major themes and/or symbols
Any particular color scheme you'd like

If you want to look at some of my design work first, here's my online port:

I have more photos not posted on the site above. If you need to see more, just shoot me a note.

(Note: I'm taking this project on for portfolio building; however donations are welcomed for elaborate photoshoots. Or if you want to pay me, that's cool too. LOL. Otherwise my compensation is requested to be TFP/TFCD-meaning one copy of the finished novel for each contributing party.)

Request away. I look forward to working with you!

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