Dreamheart Spotlight #1

Photographer: David Wolanski
Hair: Dwayne Todd-Johnson

"I may be a bit quirkky and odd, but that is part of my charm."

Welcome to the first installment of Dreamheart Spotlight. I was lucky to get an interview with the shy and friendly Iris Moore, just in time for Christmas. In this world we live in where advertisers play on our desires, fears, and strengths to get us to buy their products; models such as Iris, are used. And in juxtaposition with various products, she has the talent to sell you dreams and desires. Moore has never been to modeling school and isn't apart of an agency. Her runway skills and knowledge of working her angles to get the best shot is raw. Natural.

Photographer: Cater Hill Photography
Hair: Dwayne Todd-Johnson
When asked what led her to this field, she responded, "Modeling was originally an activity for my children. They were signed to a local agency here in Memphis. The agency did a Mother's Day fashion show where the parents got to walk the runway with their children. I discovered that I loved walking the runway!!"
"I want to model because I enjoy it", she said. "I use modeling as a way to express myself artistically." Moore later went on to say, "I am photogenic, have a great walk, and possess the drive and talent to succeed."

Though she's content with her current level of success, she does harbor a few regrets from not starting this journey sooner. "If I were a little younger I would pursue modeling as a serious career, and probably do high fashion. As it is, if I am signed with an agency I will have to do more commercial work because of my age", she said.

Moore moonlights as an author of short stories, and confessed one of her weaknesses. "I actually communicate better when writing than talking, and that is something I have to work on." With plans to have a published novel some day, she went on to say, "I think verbalizing my internal thoughts is difficult because I am shy, but that can be overcome."

"I am very mutable when it comes to clients' requirements. As long as the request is within reason and will not lead me to be hurt, embarrassed, or molested then I am fine with it." Moore currently models part-time with the desire to have full time fashion opportunities.  She does not currently have an agent. But with plans to breech the industry as a double threat, one won't be too far off. "I am an actor as well and having an agent would help me get more exposure." Add in the fact that she plans to launch a clothing line someday, and this makes her a triple threat.

Photographer: James Parker/Photophile Photography
Hair & MUA: Dwayne Todd-Johnson
Moore enjoys working with different fashion designers, photographers, and other models.  "The friendships that are formed are priceless and I actually met one of my best friends through modeling!! I also like wearing the works of art of the designers. When a designer gives you a piece, they are entrusting you with a part of themselves; their art, their creativity, their vision, and that is an honor," she said.

Moore dislikes the stereotypes that go along with the fashion industry. "Models are not dumb, walking toothpicks", she said. "Most models are intelligent and a pleasure to be around and converse with. I also do not like the fact that modeling is not considered work. There is a lot more to modeling than sitting around having your picture taken. There is skill in posing and walking that has to be learned. Just like any craft, modeling must be worked at."

Iris Moore believes she is special. "God made me who I am and what I am and even though I may share traits with others and am mutable I am always true to my original me!!"

Photographer: Toni Bishop
Hair: Dwayne Todd-Johnson

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?

The best way to contact Iris for either more information and/or booking: 
Model Mayhem: #2130844
Facebook: http://facebook.com/AlphaRayne
Twitter: @Silentwolf13

(Note: Iris is an estranged Twitteree, therefore please be advised, status updates are far and in between.)

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