Introduction: Dreamheart Spotlight

I am an advocate for Talent!I support the cause of "UNSIGNED SUPERSTARS"!Beyonce'...Micheal Jackson...Lady Gaga...Katy Perry...Pink...Spike Lee...Daughtry....all were DISCOVERED.No one wakes up famous.Starving artist are the hardest working people in showbiz!  How do you know the NEXT BIG THING if you don't know they exist?

We are models.  We are photographers. We are make up artist. We are fashion designers.There are many more of us too numerous to name.  We entertain you. We dress you.  We define beauty.  We shape the way you see and hear the world. Little Exposure makes for rumbling bellies.
This is not a meme or a blog hop.  This is a feature!  Here I spotlight those,like me, artist who need fans and work offers.
Social Network Stalking is the greatest form of flattery for people like us...

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1st posting on Christmas Eve!

Happy Holidays!

If you're a Dreamheart waiting for your big break, sign up here.  I'd love to feature you!


  1. Very great words of Knowledge, Wisdom and Pure Encouragement! I like your blog site, It's One of the nicest spots I've come to in a while..... Wishing you much continued success in all you put your mind to set out to do and in all your endeavors!!

  2. Hey Katrina

    Much love to what your doing. I relish in the fact that even though I am an artist myself, I find it my duty to uplift others who are doing the same thing I do. My outlet is via, I am a Soul Music Examiner. Continue pushing and shining light on the unheard. PEACE!!


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