My Book Boyfriend: Carlos Rivera

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader.

AKA: Carlos Rivera… a lost Guardian, also known as Master Vampire, Rivera
Birth Date: November 5, 1980
Age: 23
Personal Power Colors: Black and crimson
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Numerology Quotient: 11+5+1+9+8+0 = 34 or 3+4 = Lucky 7
Extrasensory Specialty: Olfactory, top grade
Favorite Quote: “Shit Happens,” -- Author unknown
Height: 6’ 1”
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Occupation: Master Vampire
Day Career: Drug Dealer, Businessman, and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Special Skillz: Post mortem...All the secrets of the dark night through six levels of Hell. Before the Turn...master strategist, espionage, sabotage, smooth duplicity, and war games.
Weapon of Choice: Prior to death, Uzi – After death, six inch fangs when really pissed off.
Background: Born in LA barrios, died in the Santa Monica Mountains. Lost a sister to crack, and an entire posse to vampiric attacks. The Covenant, The Vampire Council, and The Guardians are three ends against the middle—and he plays them all like an expert hand of Three Card Monte.

I like them bad-real bad.  Carlos has an obsessive use of 80's slang, but I can over look all that.  In the Hunted, he told Danali me"when I call-you come.  Don't make us both suffer."  I'm like "YES SIR".  Carlos if you out there reading this, I dedicate this post to you.  CALL ME!


Carlos is from The Vampire Huntress Legend Series by L.A. Banks.  There are 12 books total and one spin off:


  1. I haven't read those books but clearly I should! I love a hot master vampires! I love his Day Career: Drug Dealer, Businessman, and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire lol

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  2. Wow! 12 books in the series, and I've never heard of it before! How did that happen. I love vampires, so I'm so interested in getting to know Carlos. Thanks for sharing all that info on him.

  3. I must say I'm a little scared of Carlos. He's sounds sexy, but also extremely frightening.

  4. hihi this is funny :) I totally like your adoration toward him :))

  5. Haven't read these books yet. I'll have to check it out!

    Pretty In Fiction

  6. Oooh you've inspired me to start reading this series!

  7. Carlos was very terrifying! I'm sad to say that I couldn't get through the entire series. I think I made it to book four before I just didn't care to read any more...but I did love carlos whiile it lasted! lol


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