What NO ONE wants to talk about! (Let alone think about)

Death is apart of life.  And in life, everyday we die a little more.

The passing of a loved one can be so hard to bear.  To me it feels like this all consuming emptiness that can only be filled with tears and memories. (And sometimes even that’s not enough)  This is why the friends and family is stronger together at a time of loss.

The greatest gift to leave when God decides to call one home is piece of mind for the family.  My family recently had a loss, yet it feels more like a release.  It sounds so cliché to say "they’re at peace now" or “better place”.  But in our case, this is truth.  It's so hard to talk about-I know.  But today, today I will talk/type and let what is in my head flow through my fingertips and to this keyboard.

 To see, hear, or simply be aware of the illness or injury of another, it is natural to wish them well, and soon.  But we must never forget that sometimes that entails a homecoming to the Lord.  But I am selfish on this issue (I’m sure I’m not alone) and I don't want anyone to leave, and most importantly I don't want them to want to leave. In a perfect world, there is acceptance with both parties, that this is inevitable.  Even though we don't want it, and fight everything to defy it...it is still a possibility.  It will happen, so why is it still so hard? Answer:  Grief is always harder when surprised. Surprised by the timing.  Surprised by the circumstances.  I thank God for giving my family peace and I thank my uncle for softening the blow of the exit with his actions and words during his last days. Let us be kind to one another and love everyone.  Treat the ones you love like its your last, even if they’re just taking out the trash; going to work/school; or “will be right back”, because tomorrow is not promised.  And if there’s someone you don’t like, settle your differences and let there be peace.  Even if its hard to love everyone-believe me I know some people are HARD to love-at least be cordial.  Even hearing of the death of an enemy is hard, if not harder, because you’ll carry unsaid apologies in your heart forever.  So again I say, LOVE, just love!

With Peace, Much Love, And Joy…God Bless!

My condolences go out to the families of Ken Wood and Eddie Carlisle. (Please keep them in your prayers.)


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