Work Those Heels, Beyonce!

 Beyonce is adding a new definition to stilettos in her latest album promo photo.  The singer sports gravity defying heels by designer  Jan Taminiau. These shoes weren’t made for walking. That’s for sure!


I want to work with a non-tan redhead female so bad.  I have a piece I'm working on that would look great!  I love this picture!

 Lily Cole
I discovered  prêt-à-portel today!!!!

You can pay bag tax, but I'm bringing my own and in style!!

Ha!!!!! Introduce reusable bags to save the ozone and few people take heed.  Yeah we buy at first yet keep forgetting the darn things at home every time we go out shopping. So then you buy another and another and another……. Then they pile up and you’re left asking where the heck all these come from?  With the new bag tax, I think they are going to become the new fashion trend.  With 20 cents for every plastic bag received at a grocery store or retailer may not seem like much now, but it will soon enough.  They’ve already started it at some places.  My friend went the store, bought a few items and when he went to leave noticed they were just sitting there on the counter top.  We’re talking over 20 items and when he asked the clerk, she was like “oh, so you need bags?  Let me cancel this new transaction and I’ll ring you right up.”  Seriously!  She expected him to already have his bags, if not mention to have them in included in his purchase.  My , my how the world is a changing.  I’m thinking people will start carrying reusable bags all the time just to avoid an unpleasant incontinence at the store when this law is passed.  I’ve already seen some women carrying them in leau of totes on the train and in the library.  I decided to use mine as a purse today and got a few nice comments.  Of course it was the cutest one I had.  (Thanks Jo-Ann’s fabrics.)  The stores are really making them cuter and more colorful these days.  I going to buy one suitable for every outfit I own.  I just hope no one catches on and up the price.  $1 is enough.  How much are you willing to pay for plastic anyway?       #I'mEco-friendly


Inspirational Ideas for Byrd's Whimsical Wedding Dress

These are the traditional with color.  Very Haute couture!!!!
Red Hot Brides

Red Hot Brides

Red Hot Brides

Red Hot Brides
All Womens Talk
Hub Pages

Wedding Samples
 These are more simple syles:

White Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers

Bernard Foong

Bernard Foong

Bernard Foong

Bernard Foong

 Or........I can always make her Tinkerbell:

Hub Pages

Stockings, nylons, & tights....oh my!

When I'm down to my last clean sock, only would I resort to anything nylon.  Sad, but true.  If you see me wearing it outside of that, it's because I'm either trying to catch a man or in desperate need of a razor.  Since I'm happily married, chances are it's the later.  Nothing personal......correction, it's all personal.  They make me sweat, itching, and too darn delicate.  I'm sure I'm not alone!!!   But with these cuties I spotted online,  I'm sure to where them just cause!   If not style a model in them for one fun shoot or runway walk.  Besides cuteness is worth a little discomfort.

Post's shop on ETSY

Post's shop on ETSY
Post's shop on ETSY

What’s up with all the purple!?!?!?!

I get that a lot and joke often about making it my signature color and trade marking it, like Mary Kay did to pink.  LOL!  Well to be honest it’s deeper than that.  Purple and white were my school colors in high school, but I never liked it back then.  It’s wasn’t until my “return home” that I embraced it.  Iraq was a rough time for me.  When I returned home, I stood in the middle of my Wackernheim, Germany barracks room shocked and in tears that I survived.  I remember going the window and looking out from the fourth floor and seeing fields of lavender in bloom.   I remember this overwhelming calmness and feeling uplifted.   The sight made me reflect to all the other significant times I’ve seen the color…….sharing a bag of wild berry Skittles with my 1st love the 1st day we meet in 9th grade, going to Trezevant where I met my 1st husband, being assigned to the purple wing  of the hospital post surgery recovery etc…. This started my obsession.  Purple is my favorite color.  I don’t care what anyone says, it encourages my creativity!
Via Flicker

Originally posted on my Facebook personal account

Photo via Tony Bowls
OMG I am sooooo inspired!!!! I saw this online and I love love love this dress!!!

Porcelain Dolls

I grew up in a household with NO Females outside of my Mom.  Growing up with four brothers I was treated like a son with everything from toys to hand-me-downs.  When I got in high school my Mom decided to start treating me like a "girl"  (Note: girl not young woman) and begain buying me a collection of porcelain dolls. (blank face!)  Useless things that are breakable, boring, eye candy in outdated attire,  yet stylist in their own right.   I would hide them and she would keep putting them on display.  Well I wanted  to create pieces that are the epitome of my personality and history.  This past weekend I created my verson of the "Porcelain Doll" dress.  I can't wait to show it off @ the show next month.

Photo Via Feedagg

My spin on the zipper necklace!   Not easy ppl!!! Whew.....

Just finished a look for a client.... It's whimsical. One of those hate or love its. but it'll look great on the right model. Oh BTW the sketch only hints at the finished product.
Here's a few biz card ideas I was playing around with on VistaPrint.  In the end, I designed my own background on Photoshop and uploaded it.

I designed my own logo on photoshop.  I love the whole grunge/lolita/ girly look....
I started sewing for profit back in high school sewing prom dresses.
Photo via Goldwo
There's something magical about designing formal wear.  I saw this online and got inspired.....

Photo via Goldwo

This is what I ended up creating....
Cora Zon (model)
Ken Marks (photographer)
Katherine Gray (hair & make up)
Kindred Dreamheart by Katrina Pierce (fashion designer)
My poor office computer is weighted down by all the pix I save from the net.  Finally another outlet for all the faux hawk styles I ♥.

Photo Via Thirsty Roots

Photo via Here
Photo via PopGloss

Photo via Mizzchievouz

Photo via Black Master Piece

Photo Via Hair Extention Forum

Photo via CoolMensHair

Photo via BeautySmack

A New Way to Sell.......

I discovered today!

Let's compair to ETSY and debate the pros and cons...........

Photo via The Commercial Appeal
After taking into consideration the flood in Memphis, I've decided to host the model call/ go-see auditions @ the historical Cordova community center.  This red brick building was the Cordova School from 1913 to 1973. 

My first Blog......

Wow!  Ok so this is my first blog.  Forgive me for not having much cool to say.  Like my Kindred Dreamheart line, I hope to grow with time!
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