Busting the Newbie Blues

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  1. When did you start your blog? Almost 8 months ago.
  2. Why did you start your blog? I wanted to blog about my growth as an aspiring fashion designer.
  3. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far? Oh yeah!  Writing is much harder than talking.  It's easy for me to get an audience talking but I find it hard to allow my personality to truly shine online.  My English teacher's scared me for life....lol!  I occasionally use slang and the country from Tennessee comes out when I'm excited; but when I type I'm always waring with myself. Thus what I actually type sometimes look kind of wonky.
  4. What do you find most discouraging about being a new blogger? Staying on schedule and remembering to post. 
  5. What do you find most encouraging? Comments, comments, comments!  This lets me know that people are actually reading what I write and appreciate it.  When I don't get comments, I question whether my post is in vain. 
  6. What do you like best about the blogs you read? Have you tried to replicate this in your blog? I envy people who can type how they talk online. *smiles*  I'm working on that, because I want people to see me like I am:  Proper when I want to be, a little bit silly, and a total nerd.
  7. What do you dislike about blogs you’ve read? Do you try to avoid this? I don't like when there's the glitch of overlapping sidebar items.  I try to check my blog in viewer mode every time I post to catch this and fix it right away.
  8. Any advice for other new bloggers? Do memes.  They help to bring attention to your blog and help you to gain followers.  If people really like you, they'll visit regularly and comment.  I appreciate these fellow bloggers:  Shout out to Maja @ The Nocturnal Library, Jennifer @ Some Like It Paranormal, and Carabosse's Library.
  9. Any questions you'd like to ask newbie or established bloggers? Do you like my blog?
  10. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about your blog? I wish I had more comments on my book reviews and fashion posts.

About the Blogger
I'm Katrina, founder of Kindred Dreamheart. I'm an aspiring junior & women's petite clothing designer and book lover. I read select genres. However if it's a series I'm sure I'd love it also regardless of the genre. I read when I want to be entertained; watch TV when I'm bored; and when I'm not designing something fabulous, I blog.


  1. I used to worry about the comments as well, and often wondered about what I was writing. I often think the key is always be yourself or it won't sound genuine. Keep writing, don't worry about what others think, and the comments will come. You will be suprised at what gets the most comments.

    Good luck! And I enjoyed reading a lot of your blog posts!

  2. Thank you for the follow and the advice!

    Book plus Fashion = a fun and interesting combination, and I look forward to reading your posts.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library

  3. I love your rating system, it made me laugh. One thing I love about Blogs is that we all personalise our rating systems to suit us. Like mine for instance is a fiery P and my initials are PP and my Blogs initial is TPP.
    New Follower


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