Dreamheart Spotlight #2

"I look at music as the role model.  I look at it to be a Divine gift."

Bred in the city known for blues and rock, experiencing life overseas, then cultivated in the home of GO-GO music; recording artist Kevo Desh is one up-and-coming artist more than worthy of a Dreamheart
Spotlight.  I was lucky to catch this soul music expressionist, visiting relatives in Washington, DC, for an exclusive interview.

Desh’s trademark is his live band and self written lyrics.  There are few songs he record that either doesn’t have a positive message and/or a moral.  However, Desh doesn’t want to be considered a role model. “I look at music as the role model.  I look at it to be a Divine gift”, he said.  “I am merely an empty vessel. I [may] let them down; but divinely inspired music will never let them down.”

Even though our interview was spare of the moment, Desh was effortlessly fashionable.  Sporting an asymmetrical futuristic retro haircut, striped hoodie, stone washed jeans, white kicks, and guitar close at hand, we discussed his style.  “Fashion is an inward expression”, he said. “External is based on how I feel on the inside.”  Desh went on to say that he did not follow trends.  He expressed his style as a “simple straight forward approach”.  “Music and fashion goes hand and hand”, he said.  “Honest in fashion. Honest in music.”

Desh is also an avid reader. “I read the Bible a lot”, he said.  “A lot of things that stood the test of time is in this book. The Bible is cultural, spiritual, and historical.”  Desh also reads a colorful assortment from school material provided by his children to scripts. “I read [my daughters] books to help them make the connection with history,” he said.  “The Godfather was the first book I read before I got into reading scripts.”  Desh believes that the Godfather changed his whole view on movies, because after that he began seeking novels to movies based on books.  He would read the book, then find the script online. “The script brings it to life”, he said.  Desh went on to express an appreciation for the overall production and music composition within a motion picture. “The score is the behind the scenes music to the movie, [whereas] the characters are experiencing the move’s soundtrack.  The score is for the viewer’s experience to feel the intensity,” he said.  “From the novel to the script to the movie to the score to the soundtrack…it all starts with the book.”

Here’s an exclusive sampler:

Download whole albums from Kevo Desh for free at www.erbrecords.com/

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/KEVO-DESH-LOVE-DE-FACTO/395816704487

Website:  http://erbrecords.com/

Twitter: @erbrecords

Myspace: erbrecordsworldwide

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  1. Wow, this is really neat! Thanks for putting the sampler & linking to his stuff! Definitely interested.

  2. Will definitely check him out! Thanks for the heads up on an amazing talent!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  3. Awesome that your helping people get there name out there! I will also check him out some more Thanks!


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