Dreamheart Spotlight # 5


Photographer:Charlisha Renate

 ...I am a beautiful person on the inside and out.
Every blue moon an industry hopeful comes along who is just so loveable and ambitious; you want to sign them before you’ve even seen their talent. In this installment of Dreamheart Spotlight I will feature the spunky, classy, and outgoing Chasity “Model Monae” Miller. Friends describe Miller as a “down to earth and a very energetic person; who puts God first and leaps out on faith on everything that she puts her mind to.”

Photographer:Will Sterling

“I never let my bad day turn in rain,” reintegrated Miller.
When asked why she wanted to work in this particular field, Miller said, “I want to model to show my personality and confidence through Art. Also, to show modeling is for short petite models and so we can work it like the high fashion models with our beauty and quirks.”

Miller was inspired to model from the hit prime time television show “America Next Top Model”. Miller is a John Casablanca graduate and currently a full time college student majoring in Performing Arts. Aside from personality and confidence, Miller believes she is fit to be a model because of her unique style, look, and signature poses. “The biggest one of all BEING A ROLE MODEL,” she said.

Miller’s goals are plain and simple. “To be the best all I can be and bringing MY ‘A’ GAME!” She exclaimed.

Photographer:Rob Works

When it comes to nutrition, Miller is very strict. “I follow the pyramid everyday on my food groups,” she said. During the interview Miller proudly proclaimed, “I never gain weight.” Her work out regiment includes playing the Xbox kinect Dance Central game to break a sweat. “I just dance my tail off,” she joked.

Miller does not currently have an agent or agency; however she is open to representation. Miller has excellent communication skills. She’s very open to talk, patient, and friendly. On availability, there are no boundaries in Miller’s book. “Anytime-This is my DREAM!!!!!” She exclaimed. However, when it comes to client requirements there is a limit. “It depends on the assignment,” she said. Miller cherishes genuineness and honesty in her business relationships. “I like it when someone keeps it real.....I dislike when someone is fake.” She said.

This supermodel in the making believes her trademark is her smile. “I smile a lot and [people] tell me I am a beautiful person on the inside and out,” she said.

It’s been a pleasure to introduce you to Chasity Miller. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in the past and I can vouch that she already is a star.

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Photographer:Will Sterling

The best way to contact Chasity for either more information and/or booking:

Facebook: Chasity ModelMonae Miller
Fanpage: Model/Actress *Monae*
Twitter: @ModelMonae3
ModelMayhem: MM# 1893643
Email: modelmonae0911[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. Her photos are so lovely! And she seems to have great drive. I hope that she finds a representative soon!


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