Dreamheart Spotlight #3

Photographer:  El-Shamesh Photography,
Model: Ilka Harrigan,
Hair Stylist: JaFreda Brown (THE LOC SHOP),
Makeup Artist: Tia (Splash of Beauty)

"...I create based on the energies I am feeling, I never consider the latest trends.”

Welcome to the third installment of Dreamheart Spotlight!  Today I will feature, jewelry designer, Ilka Harrigan of Nanichi (jewelry).  Nanichi means ‘my heart/soul’ and explains what art and craft means to this Anguillian native.  Harrigan’s sense of creativity and ability to work with her hands was realized at a tender age.

As a child, she entered several art competitions and participated in several arts & craft summer camps.  She spent 14 years of her life receiving lessons in various arts & craft concepts and techniques.  Born into a family of artist; Harrigan often compares herself to her father who is an architect, wood work artist, musician and tailor.

Model: Cora Zon,
Photographer: Greg Pascarelli,
Makeup Artist: Shana Swain,
Hair Stylist: Katherine Gray,
Jewlery: Nanichi

Upon moving to the nation’s capital in 2005, Nanichi bloomed out of creative hands that were busy searching for a specific type of jewelry inspired by Caribbean scenery and culture. “[Making jewelry] kept me occupied and grounded when I missed home the most,” Harrigan said.  “I consider myself an artist; when I create a new piece, I create based on the energies I am feeling, I never consider the latest trends”, she said. “This is what makes my designs stand out. I believe that if I designed based on what is in style then I would never be able to explore what’s outside the box.” 

Model: Brooke Young,
Photographer: Alex Tyler of Mental Photoz,
Makeup Artist: K “Kai” Gantt,
Hair Stylist: Kyndra Turner,
Jewelry: Nanichi

In reflecting on the origins of her business, Harrigan remains humble.  “In 2005 I never saw myself where I am today; 9 fashion shows and 2 fashion weeks in less than 12 months!”  She exclaimed, “I enjoy what I do and I am pretty pleased with my accomplishments thus far.”
As a designer, Harrigan aspires to one day grace the hottest runways and receive spreads in popular magazines.   “But as each day go by”, she said, “I strive to continue designing pieces that highlight the beauty of the Caribbean region and make my clients feel confident.”
Harrigan believes her secret to success is being able to create a balance in her life.  Harrigan is currently a senior at the University of the District of Columbia, majoring in Dietary Nutrition and Food Science. When she's not busy turning the pages of science books, you can find her digging in bags of beads, or constructing clay pots/vases by hand. “I have recently meshed my love for nutrition and natural healing with my appreciation for arts and craft to create the Anhan Collection,” she said. (The Anhan Collection focuses on the creation of beautiful pieces made from healing stones; emphasizing and embracing their metaphysical properties.) 
Model: Autumn Don,
Photographer: Angelo Collington of Mateo Photography,
Makeup Artist: Shana Swain,
Jewelry: Nanichi
Harrigan also enjoy travelling, seeing new things and meeting new people. “My favorite place to be is Anguilla, I guess because there is no place like home”, she said. “There is something refreshing and calming when being around familiar faces.”  
As a young, female entrepreneur, Harrigan confirmed that she has encountered many blocks along the road. “I have encountered people who are simply not supportive of my ideas and achievements, but I am also grateful to have enough genuine support to keep me motivated, as well as the passion that I have for what I do”, she said.

Photographer: Josi Makon Photography,
Makeup/Wardrobe styling: Mariatu K,
Model:Mariatu K,
Jewelry: Nanichi

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  1. I've always loved jewelries! And people should respect Ms. Harrigan for her love of her job and for the passion she shows in making her wonderful jewelries!

  2. Some great jewelry. I love the picture of Brooke Young. It speaks to me.



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