Rant & Rave: because sometimes, I've just got to vent.  After being the nice little, sometimes doormat, darling for 20-something years, some things just get to me.  Won't it be fun if I shared?

Why is it when you show someone the smallest bit of kindness, they assume you want to sleep with them? Sex is not a dividing factor because this applies to men and women suitors alike. A simple hello is foreplay! Really? Being married does not stop advances.  I have come to view my wedding ring as a big juicy steak dangling in the front of a hungry rockwilder.  I get hit on now far more then I ever did when I was single. 

Note to the hormonal crazies:   Me saying, "Good Morning", does not make you special.  I say that to everyone.  Please don't let a daily salutation turn into a full fledged relationship/affair in your foolish mind. (Believe me, this can and has happened!)   

I'm seriously thinking about moving to the wilderness to live out the rest of my days as a reclusive greeting squirrels and species that show their intentions up front. But I'll shoot a cute fuzzy rabbit dead before I allow him to hump my leg. Phew, that is all!  And you know what?  It that felt good to let it out! 

You're more than welcome to vent also! Just leave a link to your post.

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