Character Interview: Augustus "Gus" Berry (Mountain Man)

Mountain Man was by far the 1st EPIC, non- YA, novel I’ve read in my whole entire life!  I’ve learned life skills from this book. Such as in order to survive the Zombie apocalypse, I have to remember to pack toilet paper; and the one thing that’ll always be in plentiful supply is booze.  In commemoration of this milestone, I decided to interview Gus from Mountain to give you a glimpse into his unforgettable story.  Also, since I can't get Mickey Rourke off my mind, when I think of Gus, here's his picture. (Of course, he'd have to shave his head and grow the thicker beard first.)

Note from the author:  “Be aware though, that Gus's frame of mind is usually in a frame of
borderline drunkenness, and the story is set in the future. Having said
that (and warned you :)…” (
Keith C. Blackmore)
Don’t worry, I’ll “bleeped" out the curse words…
If a movie was made about your life, who would be an appropriate actor to depict your story?
Hm good one. I s'pose I'd like that guy in ... oh what's his name now. Hm.
Ah. He was a kid actor there. Did that one movie with the, the thing. Did
that "Kid with a Bike" movie when he was a kid. Tom was his name.... I

 If your story was a movie, what would be its rating and why?
Personally speakin' I said XXX-but the mucky mucks probably want a four
quad flick, so that would PG-13. Or somethin' around there. PG-13 (laughs,
snorts) what a load of horse sh!t. Course then again, they could DO a XXX
and then, like, fuzz the blood out. Or switch to black n' white like they
did in Kill Bill 1. (scratches self) That was a good show.

Tell us about your world.
My world's fine. Jus' fine. As long as you're properly medicated enuff...

Will we ever know your full story?  
Nah. Nothin' to tell there. Unless I wanted to put you t'sleep. I'm
snorin' here jus' thinkin' of it now. Here I go...
Well, there is one thing. If you are doing any kind of indoor paintin', use
the proper brush. Saves time n' energy. And stay away from oil-based
paints. Them's a b@$t@rd to clean up after. They do smell good
though...especially in non-ventilated areas....

 Give use 3 words that describe you.
That requires thinkin'.

Will you always be a loner, or will you seek other survivors?
After Roxanne? Bein' a bachelor is the life for me. All the way.

Anything extra you’d like to add?
(Lifts shirt)See this scar here. This one? Nice eh? Got that in a fight at
the hospital. Evil-a$$ed crazy b!t%h tried to slice me up into pork
cutlets for her youngsters. Nasty business. You can read all about it in
"Cauldron Gristle" or somethin like that anyway. Where the hell the names
come from hell if I know. We done?

I like this book so much; I’m going to give you the opportunity of reading it too.  I’m giving away (1) $10.00 gift card, so you can buy this Kindle Edition ebook, and/or whatever else your heart desires on Amazon! 

Mountain Man
Mountain Man

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  1. This book looks cool! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Love the interview! Book looks good :)

  3. This book looks really good. Thank you for the wonderful interview & giveaway!


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