Dreamheart Spotlight #6

“Have camera, will travel”
“[Without photography] society would lack the ability to see art. If photography was never invented, the way that we see life would be altered.  Without photography, many eras in history would be confined to words only, making us blind to the light of the past”, says the Mid-South’s renowned photographer Arekah “the Goddess”. Please give a warm welcome to the Goddess in this 6th edition of Dreamheart Spotlight.
Arekah’s deity status was influenced by one of the music industry’s most famous moguls. “When I was thinking of a fun name for my Facebook page, I initially tried my nick name given to me by a friend of Diddy. Well, thanks to Sean Combs...I couldn't use it”, she said. “So Goddess came to me and it seems to have stuck.”

With the aid of time, this title developed more significance. “My perspective on life, my past, my failures, my triumphs, and my passion makes me uniquely.....the Goddess,” says Arekah.

This self taught photographer believes “A good photographer has vision, skill, and the ability to come up with concepts that speak.”

“I have been blessed to have people with more experience break my work down to nothing then give me the tools to build it back up.” She said.
When asked about her methods of obtaining so much knowledge in this area, Arekah responded, “For me, it was pure trial and error. I am a very hands on person and I learn better by doing.” Arekah started her journey in capturing life at a flash, the moment she got her first camera off Craigslist in August of 2010. With the aid of divine intervention, her interest soon blossomed. “The Creator gave it to me in September of 2010”, she said. “My influence came directly from the universe and The Creator. I was already performing and writing on a regular basis, so the transition seemed like another stanza on an already written poem.”
Arekah is a firm believer of the Chinese proverb, “One picture is worth ten thousand words”. “I believe that a picture is an open gate for the imagination of the person that is viewing it,” she said. “They can create a story from different shades of color, tones, highlights, and movement.”

Arekah went on to explain, “This expression means that I can influence the masses to think beyond their own imaginations.”
“Photography becomes art when it is no longer basic.” She said. Photography is not just a job for this visionary; it is a passion. “Photography was never a hobby for me.” Arekah said. “I love the process. The moment when my lights are set up properly, my subject is excited, and my camera is in my hand is glorious. That second that I put the view finder to my eye, is the moment that I fall in love all over again.”
“Photography is important to me because it gives me a visual outlet to share my visions with others.” She said. “My spoken word was always a verbal representation; my camera gives me a chance to translate my poetry into light.”

The Goddess may be young experience wise, but she has many highly adored photographs under her belt. “The more that I grow; I seem to have a slight retro tone and feel to my images.” She said, “I was born in the late 70's and I guess the Ebony, Jet, and Essence magazines my mother had around the house influenced my passion.” It’s more so Arekah’s talent than her time in experience that makes her a contender. “I think that every photographer needs talent to be a great photographer," she said. "To capture emotion and expression takes talent as well, but to put your own spin on that emotion and expression is more important to me.”
When asked if the price of a camera mattered in the ways that it affects the quality of a picture, Arekah was very vociferous. “Heck no,” she said. “A good photographer can take a great photo with a cardboard box camera from the dollar store.”
“A good photographer [also] has vision, skill, and the ability to come up with concepts that speak,” she said. 
Arekah doesn’t fret over the advances in technology. “The art of film photography will never be totally replaced by digital, but I do believe that the current technology makes it super easy for new togs to learn how to create great images,” she said.

With plans of venturing into film and motion pictures one day, the Goddess is one to look out for. Living by the motto “Have camera, will travel”, this photographer is available and ready to tackle any new project local and foreign.

Arekah the Goddess ended our interview with saying, “I am motivated by the voice that speaks loud from my images. The sheer excitement of infusing my love for fashion, poetry, and art into a series of images that could potentially live forever keep me going!”

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  1. The photographs are wonderful--very artistic and edgy!


  2. Omg I love this!! I love fashion and books. I just die when I look at this!

    Can you check out someone I am doing on my blog about fashion and books. Fashion Friday

  3. This is a great spotlight article! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Photography is a passion of mine, too.


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