Dreamheart Spotlight #7 (Bonus: Swag Pack Giveaway)

I keep it so brutally honest that everyone can feel my music...
There’s more to rap then rhyming words and hostility. Rappers are poets, motivational speakers and more commonly role models. I grew up in a city where majority of my peers proclaimed to be the lyrical masterminds of our time while knuckling beats on the cafeteria tables and competing instead of eating during our lunch hour. Many of us eventually gave this dream up after we graduated, but it is the true MC’s that pursue this into adulthood. We know them as Playa Fly, Skinny Pimp, Yo Gotti, 3-6 Mafia, Project Pat, 8 Ball & MJG. Next in line from Memphis, Tenn could quit possibly be today’s Dreamheart Spotlight. Meet Ezp Moneyman. I asked the creatively epic lyricism how he got his stage name.

“Long story , but It comes from my friends in the neighborhood who use to call me “Easy Money” or “lil Ez”, he said. “After having so many other alias (Dunkyman, Triggamane, Superstar, Yung E, Yung Ez) I merged them all together and created “Ezp Moneyman”.”

This Memphis native describes his music as always having a strong message. “It will touch the audience and have them feel as though they can relate to my situation”, said Ezp Moneyman. “Each song I created all are different; But mostly they are about life and the situations people face everyday…..rather rich or poor.” Versatile in hip-hop, pop, R&B and more; his style is distinguishable from others in the industry. “ I keep it so brutally honest that everyone can feel my music,” he said.

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE sampler:
Courtesy of Ezp Moneyman
Ezp Moneyman contributed his gravitation to this genre of music to his family. Raised listening to Blues, gospel, and rap, he recalls his most memorable song from childhood was “Life” by YoGotti. “Now I listen to all different sorts from hip-hop to Heavy metal,” remarked Ezp Moneyman.

He laughed and continued with saying “I remember I was13 and my mom had a voice recorder she used in class to record the teacher’s lessons. I used it to record my first tape by playing the song in the background while the mic was connected to the radio. I had a blank tape and all the songs were recording straight to the tape. I couldn’t stop and start again so I recorded none stops for like 8 songs!”

Ezp Moneyman first realized his dream to rap well before his eighteenth birthday. “I dropped my first official mix tape my senior year of High school and so many people were digging it and saying I was good so I thought to myself “Hey, I can do this”, he exclaimed. “Plus I have always work with and loved music from playing the violin as a child to creating instrumentals on fruity loops.”

Here’s another EXCLUSIVE sampler:
Courtesy of Ezp Moneyman

Ezp Moneyman has been making music for 11 years and has participated in talent shows and open mic competitions over the years in an effort to enhance his musical career. “Getting heard by the right people has been the biggest challenge.” he said. “There are so many people in Memphis who are in the music industry and if you don’t know the right person it’s hard to get it to them. They get so much other music sometimes things get overlooked.”

Currently a part of an independent label by the name of “Mad Entertainment/ MoneyClub Music Group” yet always open for making big deals and negotiating ideas; Ezp Moneyman’s immediate goal is getting global play.

“I feel like my music is ready for oversees and more. I have songs where I am speaking Spanish and more. Stories and love is my message”, he said.

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?

The best way to contact EZP Moneyman for either more information and/or booking:
[facebook] http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ezp-Moneyman/105629482815552
[twitter] http://www.twitter.com/ezpmoneyman
[Youtube] http://www.youtube.com/user/Ezpmoneyman
[Email] bookEzp@gmail.com
Listen to Ezp Moneyman for free and/or download mixtapes here: (((datpiff))) & (((livemixtpes)))

(Note:  Please look out for Ezp Moneyman’s upcoming CD release this month .)

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