Dreamheart Spotlight #8

 I don't have any ambitions to be the next runway designer...
Not long after I decided to sell my designs, I discovered Etsy.  (An online community of artist and crafters where one can buy and sell handmade goods, vintage items, and related supplies.)  It was among the independent stores featured here that I stumbled upon an Indie designer that was definitely a cut above the rest.  I am happy to feature the Southern Californian fashion designer and total nerd for all things sci-fi, Hope Matlock of Label of Hope, on this edition of Dreamheart Spotlight.   

Label of Hope specializes in women’s shirts with the occasional dabble in dresses and bottoms.  “There's never a time when I'm not experimenting with some new neckline or design element for my patterns,” says Hope.  “I try to keep a signature look that my customers can recognize but I want to be sure to keep them interested and coming back too.”

Hope’s inspiration comes from the basic element of the industry.  “It sounds silly but the fabric itself is what inspires the designs.” She said. “I like different prints and contrasting colors so I tend to gravitate towards those.” 

This crafty fashionista’s motivation to venture in this field may seem subtle to most, but her road to Etsy popularity is definitely inspiring.    “It was just something I always did.  I never really saw it as a skill or a talent. My family was very DIY so it came naturally.”  Hope said.  “I never took any classes or got a degree in fashion/merchandising. It would be nice to have the degree and I know a lot of people who had a blast getting theirs but it just never occurred to me. Plus, we are so lucky to live in an age of YouTube and the internet... you can easily learn any technique online.”

No need to worry about trendy cookie cutter remakes from this designer.  “I just make what I feel like when I wake up, she said.   “I try not to get into what the magazines are doing. I'm always afraid if I do that I'll lose what makes my brand special."

When asked about her future plans, Hope said, “Really, I just want to keep creating. I love what I do. I don't have any ambitions to be the next runway designer... I just want to remain a independent and free to make my own design decisions.”

What to know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Hope for either more information and/or to purchase designs from Label of Hope:

Facebook (fan page): http://www.facebook.com/labelofhope
Facebook (personal page): http://www.facebook.com/hopee0
Twitter: @labelofhope

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