"Goddess in the Spectrum" Happy Birthday Photoshoot, Behind the scenes #awesome-sauce

To all my peeps on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, Fotomoto etc, you guys are GREAT! My phone was beeping nonstop during the photoshoot today, I respectfully silenced it, but SMILED on the inside LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. THANKS so so much for the birthday wishes everyone. #ItsNotWorkWhenYouLoveIt Today was seriously the best day ever. There was so so much epic greatness about this day... OMG!

Big Thanks to Dwayne, Kayla, Marie, Ashley, Nikki, and Monyea. A side from my phenomenal best friend, you guys made my B-day even more awesome then it already was! I cannot wait to see the photos from today's photoshoot. #ItsNotWorkWhenYouLoveIt Cheers!!!

The creation process of the looks in this collection can be seen:

Look #1
Look # 2
Look # 3


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