My Formal "Thank You"!

Hello Everyone:

I'm sure you've noticed my cool rating system, blog button, and other neat art work.  Well the ideas were by me but the awesome execution is thanks to Hafsah @IceyBooks.  She's very talented, polite, has great prices, and fast turn around.

I did a lot of researching on the blog design channels before I decided to use Icey Degins.  I couldn't be happier. 

Thanks again Hafsah!  You're awesome!

Here's one of her recent creations for my blog:

Kindred Dreamheart
About the Blogger
I'm Katrina, founder of Kindred Dreamheart. I'm an aspiring junior & women's petite clothing designer and book lover. I read select genres. However if it's a series I'm sure I'd love it also regardless of the genre. I read when I want to be entertained; watch TV when I'm bored; and when I'm not designing something fabulous, I blog. (((Contact Me)))

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