Review: Geminii by Aaron Lee Johns Jr.

GeminiiGeminii by Aaron Lee Johns Jr.

My rating: ♥♥♥

Kayla Wright had wanted to be a Detective her entire life. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, made her want to do all she could to help others who could not help or defend themselves. The routine crimes happening in the City, made it easy for her to solve nearly all of her cases. But now, her new case involving the vigilante known as GEMINI is turning the city upside down. Now she has a team dedicated to tracking him down. But the question arises, who is more of a threat to her: The vigilante, or her team. Who is lurking in the shadows? Is he friend or foe? Is it even a ‘he’? And can she solve this case before more people end up dead.

Thanks to the author for entrusting me with an honest review of his debut novel. Gemini or Geminii is an editor’s playground. I found myself pen in hand noting grammatical errors left and right; but soon found myself so engrossed in the story that even subject/verb disagreements no longer gave me pause. I was on the edge of my swivel chair, sneaking and reading paragraphs at work. This dark modern day play on Greek mythology, espionage, government secrets, one mysterious vigilante, and corrupt cops is sure to keep you scratching your head. Right when you think you have it all figured out, the author throws you another curve ball. The story focuses a lot on the action. And similar to Sin City, has a very “in your face” uncensored, unapologetic approach to violence. With the especially heinous criminals and perpetrators of sexual crimes, I found myself gloating at the samurai style justice, the would be hero, Gemini/Geminii inflicted. Yet it was with the others that I did not whole heartedly agree with. I think the reason is, because the characters were kept on a surface level. No one was fully developed. I didn’t feel as if their past was explained enough to justify their deaths. There were traitors among the ranks and I didn’t really feel the betrayal. With the romantic twists, I wish the wooing phases were explored. There were jumps in time here and there, and a header stating dates would have aided me tremendously. The ending will leave you speechless with plans to reread and see if some clues slipped past you. I found myself stopping a lot and flipping back to reanalyze the facts. Overall, this was definitely original. I look forward to reading the sequel.  I would be even more thrilled if it’s developed into a graphic novel. I would recommend this to fans of mind games and action.

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