Announcement, Review, & Giveaway: Between The Land And The Sea by Derrolyn Anderson

Between The Land And The Sea by Derrolyn Anderson

ebook, 248 pages
Published March 30th 2011 by Derrolyn Anderson

My rating: EPIC

Marina is a privileged girl who’s had an unusual upbringing. Traveling the world with her scientist father, doted on by her wealthy and glamorous neighbor Evie, Marina’s life seems perfect.
Everything changes in the summer of her sixteenth year when she is sent to live with her Aunt Abby and Cousin Cruz in the lovely seaside town of Aptos, California.

Only a few weeks after arriving, sixteen year-old Marina has nearly drowned twice, enchanted the hottest guy in high school, and discovered a supernatural creature. If she can manage to survive some increasingly dangerous encounters with unpredictable mermaids, she might be able to unlock the mystery of her past and appease the mysterious forces that want something from her...
And maybe even find true love along the way.

I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I am at a loss for words. The Little Mermaid of Disney is not the end all of imagination concerning this mythological creature. The fiction world has been mighty quiet for so long, one would assume mermaids were just for little girls and babies to marvel over. When I initially got this request, my mind was whispering a constant mantra of “♪ ♫ImpressMe- ImpressMe- ImpressMe ….LordPleaseDon’tLetThisBookSuck.♪ ♫” Well people, I am officially sockless! I just want to hug my Nook until the inner springs sequel in protest. I’m stuck in a dilemma between spoiling the story and keeping all the warm goodness feeling this book gave me all to myself! At last I’ll share a little *pouting* because that was the deal.

Between The Land And The Sea is such a complex story.

♥ First there’s the pretense of Marina moving to this new town.

♥ She crosses paths with a mermaid,

♥ meet the guy of any girl’s dreams,

♥ meets an Asian local talking in philosophical riddles,

♥ has a super rich aunt showering her with gifts and psychic premonitions,

♥ confutations with jealous locals females,

♥ and on top of all that, her parents were harboring a secret of their own!

One thing that completely sold this book, for me, were the characters. I have never been more in love with the supporting cast in all my reading life!

Aunt Evie and Cruz *sigh* are my kindred spirits! These characters were colorful and very entertaining.

Aunt Evie-the neighbor and family friend, Hollywood starlet, living life rich and oh so fabulous!

Aunt Evie had been a celebrated fashion model in her younger years and remained a style icon, traveling the globe in a relentless pursuit of luxury and pleasure. She possessed the devastating combination of wit and beauty that made people from all walks of life shamelessly fawn all over her. When Evie focused her attention on you, it felt as though you were the most important person in the world.

Cruz-the Goth boy cousin and aspiring fashion designer!

Mermaid and kickassness sounds funny in the same sentence, but is a justifiable adjective to use for Marina.

“Hey Cruzie boy,” a girl’s voice called out as we passed by, “Who’s the new hag?”

I spun around, uncharacteristically confrontational. Startled, most of them looked away or down.
This was my favorite scene. Of course this is only a teaser of the building animosity between the villain and our heroine. I've literally bookmarked and/or highlighted every other paragraph throughout this book for memorable breath stealing moments. I can go on for days talking about it, but I like to keep my reviews short and sweet. Besides if I type anymore, I’m afraid I’ll ruin the book for you! I honestly did not see this coming but I rate this book EPIC! I keep clicking, but I can't give more than 5! Mermaids are the new "IT" supernatural!

Books 2, 3, & 4 of this tetralogy, here I come!  So there you have it. 

The BIG Annnoucement is Marina's Tales series has come to an end.

There will only be 4 books in this series! 

Here's the complete titles:

Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales #1) by Derrolyn Anderson
The Moon And The Tide (Marina's Tales #2) by Derrolyn Anderson

The Fate of the Muse (Marina's Tales #3) by Derrolyn Anderson
The Turning Tides (Marina's Tales #4) by Derrolyn Anderson

Here's your chance to read book 1 book also:

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway Katrina! How are you able to give ebooks away? Or is that a special version from the author?

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I love mermaids and have seen this book around.

  3. @Annie, the ebook will be provided via Smashbooks via a code given by the author for this specific giveaway. Good Luck!

  4. The mermaid on the link is really pretty :D

  5. Yay mermaids!! Thank you for taking the time to do this giveaway :)


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