ARC Review: Fire Baptized (Habitat #1) by Kenya Wright

Fire Baptized (Habitat, #1)Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright

Paperback, 1st Edition, 276 pages
Published January 28th 2012 by Dragonfairy Press (first published January 16th 2012)
My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Since the 1970s humans have forced supernaturals to live in caged cities. Silver brands embedded in their foreheads identify them by species: a full moon for Vampires, a crescent moon for Shifters, a pair of wings for Fairies, and the list goes on, for each supernatural species has been tagged and categorized by humans.

Lanore Vesta is marked with a silver X, the brand of Mixbreeds, second-class citizens shunned by society. She stays to herself, revealing her ability to create fire only during emergencies. All she wants to do is graduate college and stop having to steal to survive. But when she stumbles upon a murder in progress, she catches the attention of a supernatural killer. Now all she wants is to stop finding dead bodies in her apartment.

Enlisting help from her Were-cheetah ex-boyfriend MeShack and a new mysterious friend named Zulu, she is steered through the habitat’s raunchy nightlife. But their presence sometimes proves to be more burden than help, as they fight for her attention.

While the corpses pile up, and the scent of blood fills the air, Lanore is left wondering: will she find the psycho or die trying?

I received this ARC copy from the author for an honest review.

I was beside myself excited when the author contacted me months before the release of this novel for an honest review. When it came in the mail I have to admit I lagged a little. I was kind of scared. But once I began to read....O-M-G, I could have kicked myself. This book introduces a new kind of supernatural. The half Fae mixed breeds have powers that are beyond awesome. Our heroine is an African American dread sporting fire seeping from her pores no nonsense kickassness!!!

I loved the building of the characters. Everyone was unforgettable. There's a love triangle that is off the Richter scale. I have never been known to say this so forgive me, but I wanted them both to have her. I couldn't bare to see one of those guys pushed to the wayside. On the flip side I applaud the author for not focusing solely on the romance. Besides Lanore did have a mission and all and her life sort of was in danger. A lot of romance novels forget of about that and that's when things get so unbelievable. But hey that didn't happen here.

The plot was highly original. This is like a Dystopia novel but with the paranormal. Vampires, lycanthropes, etc are not secret to humanity. In fact they are branded and separated from the humans living on special compounds. The supernaturals are oppressed and underground organizations have reached their boiling point. I can't wait to see in book two where this rebellion is further explored. Now I won't lie, there was a part at the end that almost threatened to make be loose my cookies. Now I'll be a tease and leave it at that. This book contains steamy scenes suitable for mature readers.

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  1. Awesome cover and the book sounds so good. want to read it right now:) I like your descriptions of the supernaturals! Thanks for the heads up. I'll be getting this soon I hope.

  2. Thanks I may host a giveaway in the near future for this book. It's good to know there is an interest.


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