ARC Review: Shadow of the Witte Wieven by Debbie Peterson

Shadow of The Witte WievenShadow of The Witte Wieven by Debbie Peterson

ebook, 340 pages
Expected publication: April 21st 2012 by InkSpell Publishing

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

Despite a contract on her head, lone Drug Enforcement Agent, Aliyana Montijo must ferret out a mole and stop the assassination of top DEA officials, as so ordered by the Colombian drug lord she seeks to take down. The task is a daunting one, for there is no one she can trust. No one that is, until she encounters a most unlikely ally.
Former seventeenth century captain of the Dutch West Indies Company, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness, now from a parallel dimension, encounters the beautiful agent during an unearthly storm in the Bermuda triangle. Drawn to the Spanish beauty he rescues, he pledges his assistance, despite her reluctance to accept either his help or his heart.
Can Wolf bridge both space and time to claim the woman he loves?

I was given a copy of this book as part of a Enchanted Book Tours' blog tour for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this story. Aliyana was deep undercover when her expiration time came and she had to flee for her life. While doing so she ran into even more trouble; meet these weird “ghosts”; and has a bounty on her head from the drug lord. Aliyana knows about the drug lord’s plot to assassinate hundreds of DEA families but can’t just come out and report it because she doesn’t know who to trust. Yes there are moles and judicial corruption in this tale. Overall….my oh my… what a thriller.

From the synopsis, I assumed this was more so a love story; yet the focus was more on the rescue then the romance. I was a tad disappointed; yet the snippets that were depicted were beyond adorable. Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness (Wolf) was this super protective gentleman hero and adventurer who was too good to be true. I mean seriously, I kept hoping, fingers crossed and all; he would take a little initiative. *Eyebrow wiggle* Wolf was also one of the ghosts. The word “ghost “is used lightly. This is a new kind of supernatural to me because, technically they’re not ghosts because they never really died. However, their physical form in this realm resembles the characteristics of a poltergeist. (I hope I didn’t lose you. )

With Aliyana’s dilemma, it was hard to figure out what would happen next. The suspense definitely kelp me intrigued throughout. The ending was VERY fairy tale. We’re talking “and they lived happily ever after”, but I hope that’s not the case because I would like to see more of Wolf & Aliyana. I would recommend this to anyone. The romance content is PG enough for YA readers as well.  This is a "must read" for paranormal fans.

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  1. The fact that you took time to read the book and give it such a sweet review brightens my day! Thanks Katrina...


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