Client Mock Up: 20120404

A client approached me today with the deposit to design a custom jacket. 

She was inspired by this baby:

Cute, huh? Is available @ Saks for ummm about $1995.00.

And to top it off, she needs this in a little under 1 week.

Here's my 15 minute sketch and fabric selections:

Here's my 1st & 2nd muslin mock up 

We'll do a fitting on Wednesday.  If all goes well, we'll move on to the real material!
*Gasp* 100% silk is not very forgiving with seam rippers.
*fingers crossed*  Wish me luck!

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  1. What an awesome jacket. You are truly brave and talented to attempt this with 100% silk. Can't wait to see the finished jacket and see what colors you chose also. Good luck and hope you don't have to rip!
    laura thomas

  2. Thanks so much! Our fitting for yesterday was rescheduled for today. I will meet with the client in just a few hours with the mock up. I will have a new post some time this weekend.


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