Dreamheart Spotlight #10

I recently stumbled upon a Southern recording artist via Facebook creating quite a frenzy in Alabama with his underground hip hop beats, trap music lyrics, and hospitable personality.  I believe this artist has alot to say and could sky rocket straight to the top of the charts.

In this edition of Dreamheat Spotlight, you will meet recording artist, D.Trump. He described his preferred audience as “anyone old enough to understand.”  “I don’t use profanity in my music and a lot of people don’t even notice it.  But if I had to pick an age group, I would say 18-27”, he said.

Here's a track sampler:
Dopeman Spokesman by D.Trump ft. D.O.G.and Indyana Jones

No relation to our political dabbing host of the Appetence.  “My first name is Donald and everyone in my area said I always kept a lot of money so they started calling me Donald Trump, then with us being so country that was too much to say and then it went from Donald Trump to D.Trump.”

Unlike many currently in the limelight shuttering when the paparazzi catch them in their norm routines of unsavory activity, this artist considers himself a role model.  “I do a lot for kids and I always try to give back to the community.  I have a great relationship with God which allows me to remain humble at all times.” said the Graysville, AL native.

Growing up in the small town outside of Birmingham, D.Trump listened to a lot of blues, jazz, and some rap.  He fondly recalls “Dear Mamma, by Tupac.”  However, in adulthood D.Trump has developed selective taste.  “Now I listen to myself, T.I., Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, and Andre 3000. No more, no less.  If I listen to anything else it’s because I’m in the club or in someone else’s car.”

If you think growing was up outside of the big city would affect this ambitious hopeful, you’re wrong.  “I use my country style to my advantage,” he said.  “I make club music but it’s not all crunk type jump around the place.  When I make each song I think about how people in the club would react when they hear it. “

Surprisingly this artist has only been making music for 2 months.  “I recorded my first single after thanksgiving in 2011.” He said.  However he realized his dream around puberty.  “Since 6th grade when I was making beats on the lunchroom tables while have freestyle battles.  I have been involved in the music industry for several years but I began to pursue a career as an artist in December 2011.”

Many would describe his introduction to the industry as a fairy tale.  “I started as a manager because I really didn’t enjoy the spotlight of being an artist.  I began my music career as an artist really to show others that it wasn’t difficult and I feel in love.  It’s like a guy and his friends making a bet about a female and then he falls in love and marries her.”

D.Trump’s career goals are simple yet sure to make an impact.”I am currently working to get my record label off the ground and I am completing my debut album,” he said.  “I will be doing a guest appearance at the M-Lounge on March 30, 2012.”

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
 The best way to contact D.Trump for either more information and/or booking:
Twitter- @tharealdtrump
Facebook Fan Page- D.Trump
Reverbnation- d.trump
Bookings email:  opengatemgmt@gmail.com

Note: debut single, Dopeman Spokesman, is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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  1. I am a rockin with tracks - oh yea! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us today, I am glad to meet you and your music, which has me bouncing as I type this note ;) Hubs is concerned I am going to throw out a hip, but I just gotta move!!!!

  2. Denise, I really appreciate the comment. At times, as an artist, we don't know what to think of our music because people never discuss the music with the actual artist. I'm extremely thankful. Thanks for taking out time to listen to the song. It is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. If you like D.Trump on Facebook then I will keep you updated on all new music releases and videos. Once again thanks for everything.


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