Dreamheart Spotlight # 11

Jewelry & Wardrobe: Nanichi
Latin Fashion Week
While casting for a Kindred Dreamheart photo shoot, I met an unforgettable, ambitious, and strong willed Nigerian descendent model.  In this installment of Dreamheart Spotlight you will meet Jennifer Pearse.  With electric poses and an outgoing personality, this social butterfly is well on her way to catwalk fame.
“For me, modeling is intriguing and serves as skillful art, she said. “As a model, I see myself as an art piece, the background as the plaster and the photographer as the artist.”
As the only daughter among three siblings, Jennifer realized her dream at a young age. “I became interested in the art at the age of 7 when an aspiring model named Oluchi won the first installment of the popular African TV model search named ‘Face of Africa,’ she said. “ I was a tomboy and for me I saw her as role model because she was graceful, elegant and confident. I started modeling because of a dare but in addition, I wanted to prove all the people who had doubt and where quick to discourage me.”
Photographer: Adrian Herrerra
Wardrobe: C.Scott designs
Makeup: Blend make-up artistry
Hair: Thomas shelton
This University of Maryland student is currently pursuing a degree in history with plans for continuing on to her masters in International relations/affairs.  She also speaks four languages.  Ironically, this scholastic lady praises television for schooling her in the art of modeling.  “I did learn a whole lot from America’s next top model, Tyra sure knows her stuff!”
While juggling college, Jennifer still finds time to clear her agenda for part-time and weekend fashion opportunities.  She’s also open to traveling with ample notice. “As a model, I hope to inspire but most importantly I hope to be a role model to younger girls, especially those who lack self confidence. I can only progress with God by my side. With faith, hard work and determination I know the sky is just my starting point.” She said.
Jennifer is described by friends and family as enduring and patient. “It [is] super easy for me to relate to people.” She said.  “In the industry it is essential.”
 Currently agent free, Jennifer is always full of humor and smiles with clients.  “Most of the time I am very open to the clients prerequisites, if don’t fit the requirement I don’t beat myself about it”, Jennifer said.  That’s fashion, one day it’s in, the next it’s not.”
Photographer: PK Designs
Jewelry: Aral Amore
Makeup: Lolu Ogunrinde
Hair: Aral Amore

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The best way to contact Jennifer for either more information and/or booking:

Model Mayhem: #2203497

Email:  FaceofAfrica92@yahoo.com

Twitter: @jaypearse

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  1. I'm loving the outfit at the top. It's simple yet sophisticated. Nice use of colours and killer heels that go well with the overall. An outfit I would definitely wear.

    Alecia :)


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