Dreamheart Spotlight # 12

"...my biggest dream is to be in Vogue..."

Consistency in a model means death in the industry. To be the perfect model, you MUST be moldable, changeable, and a spotless palette not only in appearance but mentally as well. “Modeling is very similar to acting and taking on a different persona depending on the concept.” Who better to be a subject matter expert in the human psyche than a sociology major? And to add icing on the cake, this James Madison University graduate also has a passion and desire to walk the runway.

In this edition of Dreamheart Spotlight, I will highlight the model chameleon, formally known as Tess.  “I think I have a unique look that is versatile; I can go from high fashion to punk rock in a minute,” she laughed. “Often people don't even recognize me in some of my photos because I look so different.”

 Fashion has been a part of this high fashion hopeful’s life from a young age, but like many it took time to develop drive. “I started modeling when I was 14, got signed with an agency for 2 years, and then quit modeling until 2010.” Said Tess. “Being a teenager and trying to model was a difficult task. I didn't want to spend my weekends going to model calls aka 'cattle calls' and working. I much preferred hanging out with my friends...I kick myself for that all the time now though!”

Today Tess pursues fashion ventures solely on the weekend and weekday evening. “I currently don't have an agent. I have bills to pay just like everyone else which means I have a full time job,” she said.    “Right now my goal is to be published as much as possible.”

Even without an agent, Tess has been a part of numerous photo shoots and runway shows; and she doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. At the same time, Tess continues to dream big.

"Whether it's in a worldwide magazine, an online magazine, or a small not so well known magazine, it excites me to SEE the team's hard work be seen by others. Of course my biggest dream is to be in Vogue...you never know! *wink wink*”

 During the interview  nutrition was discussed, and Tess laughed, saying, “Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh because I'm sure my nutrition is poor. In more recent months I am attempting being a good girl and eating healthier meals/snacks. In all honesty, I never go to the gym. I do run in the morning and evening with my doggy Rosco though!”

In spite of her confession, Tess has compulsive quirks that could be viewed, if not funny, a little health conscious. “I never eat the last bite of my food”, she said. “I have no idea where or when that started, but it's true.”

From a previous project, I can vouch that Tess has admirable work habits that other aspiring models can learn from. “Communication is key before a photo shoot.” She said was the first concept. “I always try to get as many details about wardrobe, makeup, location, concept, backup plan in case of bad weather, etc. in advance so I can be well prepared.”

Another discipline, Tess explained in application to her success is “patience”. “I have to be patient all the time when waiting for photos, she said. “Sometimes it can take months to receive the final edited images. I'm also very friendly! I consider myself a very happy person, but I also like to get the job done, so I'm not overly talkative during shoots.”

POST INTERVIEW UPDATE:  "...since this interview, I did have a photo from photographer Jyoti Sackett chosen to be on the Vogue Italia website!" Exclaimed Tess, "It's not in print, but it's still recognition so I'm excited!"

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The best way to contact Tess for either more information and/or booking:

Model Mayhem: #1336105

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  1. Hopefully one day she'll make it into vogue! ^^


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