Dreamheart Spotlight #14

Wendy F. Poole, 22 year old sweetheart with a girl next door look, is an aspiring model who loves to be in front of the camera. “I don’t even really care about the money in modeling I care more about helping people out and enjoying what I am doing,” she said.

Wendy’s motivation to venture down the road of flashing bulbs and electric poses was kindled by a passion for fashion. “Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to design clothes but fear of the highly competitive industry has lead me into modeling where maybe one day I will find a connection to the fashion industry and maybe get some of my ideas out there.”

Though sidetracked for the moment, post college graduation Wendy plans to return her dreams of styling, if not calculating, the runway rather than merely walking it. “Once I make some money and settle into a career I would love nothing more than to go back and attend a fashion school and then go on to get a masters degree in marketing. One day I would if things align I would love to become a Fashion Marketer.”

Wendy has overcome personal obstacles in her life.
“One thing not a lot of people know about me is my mom went through cancer while I was in high school and I went to great measures to deal with everything. I went through a hard time but came out of it believing and knowing hope can be a good thing. She is doing well now and I thank god everyday for all the miracles he has shown me in life. and loving This experience has only made me stronger and made me realize life is too short to wait for your dreams to come true you have to work hard to make them come true.”

Her goals are not typical for a model. “I know most of the girls who model want to make the most money but I want to make the most connections and make the right choices along the way.”

"Also to keep a positive reputation and take every opportunity as they come. My ultimate goal is to one day complete a job that will be seen on a National level. I see myself as being highly successful because of my attitude and willingness to work hard and stop at nothing. I think attitude is everything in this industry." She said.

Wendy is an advocate for fitness. She loves yoga in particular saying, “I exercise about five times a week.” In conjunction, she’s also mindful of her consumption. “I try not to eat bad things like sweets and high fat content foods. However I am still human and love sweets but only in moderation.”

Wendy went on to say, “I do not have an agent nor am I a part of a modeling agency. I am currently looking for a good offer or someone who as serious as I am about getting me to where I need to be in the industry and also teaching me the ropes as we go.”
“I am available to travel and can work part time hours. I make school a priority on Tuesdays and Thursdays but that will change when I graduate,” she said.
With this article, Wendy hopes to inspire others and act as a mentor. “I am not an unrealistic person and I understand everyone is different. Just remember you are perfect no matter what and everyone is a star in some way or another.”

Wendy has also been in commericals!

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Wendy for either more information and/or booking:

Model Mayhem: #2557471
Email: wendy.poole[at]live[dot]longwood[dot]edu

*Credits: Patrick Cocuna (photographer)

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  1. This is cool. And what stunning blue eyes she has! She's gone through a lot in life and I wish her the best!

  2. I love her girl next door look. And gorgeous blue eyes!

  3. She is beautiful!!! Wishing her all the best in life!


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