Movie Review: The Hunger Games

****Spoiler Alert****
Please DO NOT READ if you have not read the book and seen the movie 
I initially planned to see the midnight showing on Friday; however the earliest the theater in my neighborhood had was for 3am.  Of which my friend refused to accompany me....*sigh* so I sucked it up and waited to see it later on Friday.  When I say later, I mean at 10:50 pm last night.  I was literally bouncing in my seat throughout the previews.  We arrived 30 minutes early and still could only find seats supper close to the screen.  This was my very first IMAX experience.  They took quite a few creative redirections in oppose to the book to convey a 374 pages novel into a 2 hour 30 minute film.  They did the best they could with a PG rating.  I felt that they held back violence wise and wish the movie was just rated R.  Don't get me wrong, there were fight scenes, but they were shot first person and speed up to the point that you couldn't see it blow by blow.  If not they would cut it and only show the blood or the kid falling.  I liked that Peeta was on board with the star crossed lover scheme.  It the book that broke my heart at the end when he realized Katniss was pretending.  I like how they depicted Rue as being a bit mischievous.  Peeta's camouflage skills were awesome and true to the original story.  That fence in District 12 was a joke.  I imagined it being way more massive and ominous.  The story behind how Katniss got the Mockingjay pin was also changed.  I really liked that particular new direction.  I imagined President Snow a little differently.   I figured he would be slim, super pale skin, and white hair.  He looked too much like Santa Claus in this movie. Round belly and rosie cheeks and I wasn't as afraid of him via movie as I was via book.   I love the behind the scenes images of the uprising.  This shows it didn't just happen overnight.  I was also really expecting the beast to look like the fallen tributes.  I expected Haymitch to look more like a drunk 24/7 but I was surprised that he did keep it together for the most part.  Last but not least, the fashion.  I liked what they did.  When I read the book, I expected more glam, but Katniss look really beautiful nonetheless!  I plan to go see this again once the hype goes down and I can get a better seat in the back! 

Overall I loved this first installment and I can't wait for the sequel.  Oh and hey, my friend, the non reader really liked it also! So well done Hollywood! I hope you don't make us wait 2 years for the next one.

So if you've read the book and seen the movie, what do you think?


  1. Ha! I'm so happy you and your husband both liked it so much! My husband expressed interest in accompanying me to see the movie, too, which is totally WEIRD - cause his initial reaction to the trailer was: GAY. But then he started reading about the movie on-line, and apparently many people really loved it, so he got very curious :P I'm planning to see it on Tuesday together with the Toronto Bloggette squad, and he will probably end up tagging along :)

    So GLAD to see you loved! Great review!

  2. I totally agree with you on the fence around District 12. But I was not happy at all about the mockingjay pin. I was looking forward to seeing the Mayor's daughter. And the clothes in the Capital were too cute! :) Great review! I'm glad the hubby loved it too!


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