My Book Boyfriend: Zulu

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader.

Yeah I put my name on him!  And it's not even my birthday! What? Want to fight about it? *hysterical giggles*  My book boyfriend is......*fanning my self*....Zulu, the half fairy freedom fighter  from

Fire Baptized (Habitat, #1)The Burning Bush (Habitat, #2)

After I read Fire Baptized, I could not get thoughts of Zulu off my mind.  I tweeted about him for a few days launching a #TeamZulu not #TeamMeshack campaign.  *Sigh* 

Want to know why I love him so much. 
First I'll show his tweets then we'll analyze book excerpts.

Yep, @studiokd3 is me!  So it's official, Lanore you got to run for your money when I'm in town!

The security lights shone on his X brand.  His blond dreadlocks hung beyond his broad shoulders, slapping around his elbows.  He wore no shirt, just indigo jeans that hung low and framed perfect abdominal muscles.  Multicolored cords were sewn into his ivory skin in a swirly pattern that stopped at his wrists.  It had to have been pretty painful when he’d gotten it done.  With each furious stomp, his muscles bulged under the cords.  (from Fire Baptized)

He narrowed his eyes.  Usually they were a blend of dark and gold, reminding me of the dawn’s sun as it peeked through the habitat’s ceiling.  Tonight, his eyes were midnight black.  His gaze was like the sharp edge of a sword pulled out for battle.
I took a step back and cleared my throat.  “We were just going to talk about what happened.”
He raised his blond eyebrows.  “You mean when I had you on the desk, dress lifted, shirt ripped, and your lips on mine?” (from Fire Baptized)

He wrapped his hands around my waist, pulling me closer.  A groan escaped from him.  I sucked on his lip and then bit it.  He tightened his grip, and in that moment, I knew I wouldn’t stop if he wanted more. (from Fire Baptized)
The only thing missing from my Zulu choice is the dreads:

Zulu your hotness is undeniable!

Note:  All tweets are from the author. I think it's pretty cool she's tweeting from the voice of the character! 
Zulu is portrayed by model, Daniel Gerlach.

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  1. OMG! Did he say he gets on his knees first? *dies*

    Who is this guy? I need to hunt him down!! Thanks for sharing him today...But don't be surprised when I steal him. :)

  2. I want I want I want!! I have a weird thing for dreadlocks and Zulu sounds perfect! Love the tweets! I haven't even read the book and I am on Team Zulu!!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  3. Oh my.. this is hot, like flaming hot!! ;))
    Love the quotes and love the pictures (and I think too that it's cute that the character seems to have a twitter, LOL)

    Happy midnight reading!

  4. Is it me or is it hot in here? I know I'm very keen on getting to know Zulu better! :)

  5. I've been hearing such great things about this guy and this book! I'll have to pick it up real soon. He definitely sound slike someone I want to know better.

  6. I totally get why you love him!! He is amazing!! I need to read this book for sure! :) ;)

  7. Great pictures! Definitely didn't mind missing the dreads because that guy was hot! I want to read this now!

  8. Love your pick! I haven't read the series yet, but I am totally checking it out now for sure! He is absolutely yummy! :)

    Here's mine:


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