Review: Barcode: The Legend of Apollo

Barcode: The Legend of Apollo (Barcode, #1)Barcode: The Legend of Apollo by Kashif Ross
Kindle Edition, 337 pages
Published February 4th 2012

My rating: ♥♥♥♥❥

Spencer's an infamously well-known “god” uninterested in his own fate. He turns nineteen-years-old on the first day of his last year at Colt Academy, the academic institution for gladiators. To celebrate, he unwillingly mentors a mysterious nerd, watches his family's helicopter plunge into the ground, and meets a strange Louisianan boy that may want to kill him. With the future of his family's fortune on the line, Spencer not only has to fight the occasional trip to Hades, but also train with his most hated childhood friend, discover the truth about his mother's death, and reestablish his legend as America's savior.

......................I was shocked mute for a moment there.

The verdict is still out on this novel; and I have a feeling I will be revising this review repeatedly. I mean that in a good way…I’m torn between Epic, 5, and 4.5 hearts! After an interview with the author, I was thrilled to hear he was an Anime fan and drew inspiration from a popular show when writing this novel. My household watches Anime religiously via Anime Network, Adult Swim and online. No, I take that back.... there are certain shows we watch. Any who, I expected to see some paying homage to Bleach. I definitely saw a little of InuYasha similarities in the initial portrayal of Michelle and Spencer’s relationship. One thing that was definitely original was the Greek Mythology intertwined with futuristic technology.

My friend believes the author should transfer this into a graphic novel. I have to agree…I would love to reread this in comic form!

I’m so temped to go on my usual tangent of rambling, but I’m afraid I may say too much, so I’m trying terribly hard to restrain myself.

Whatever you do, don’t read the synopsis and take it at face value. Whoever wrote that needs a serious beat down. This story was so much more then that….OMG! I am so swoon emotional right now when I think of my dear Spencer….

*clearing my throat*

What that hell am I saying. Spencer was very sarcastic and kind of a why did I still find him charming? Excellent writing skills I guess! This story has a way of drawing you in and wooing the reader into submission.

There was romance in this story, if you want to call it that. More like some high school guy's wet dream, that will never come to fruitation. Yes! I’m a hater! I know! But I found it so hard to believe Spencer was getting the lady’s with his less then charming personality in spite of some chemical reaction. I hated him…I loved him..and it went back and forth like that throughout my reading this. There was one mysterious character however that I never liked…then it’s like he’s thrown at you like he’s Luke ?!?!?! I don’t think so Dark Vader!

I’m sure I’ve terribly confused you by now, but give me time to short through my emotions and I’ll get back on track.

Umm, the gladiator style fight scenes in this book were off the chain. Seriously, the battles were epic. I could visually imagine each play by play. I found myself having many excited spasms startling people on the train. (Good thing I have no qualms about looking like a crazy person…lol…JK!) Oh and there was drama as well. With the way this book ended, I may result to stalking to be the first to see the next installment. I recommend this book to Anime Fans, science fiction and action lovers.

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