Client Mock Up: 20120404 (#2)

Okay so the count down started on Thursday, when we did our mock up fitting.  Since then...oh yeah it's been crunch time.  The client needs this by this Friday.  I had hoped to have this finished over the weekend.  Here it is Sunday and I am seriously freaking out! 

So far, I've been working on this particular project for 48 hours straight, with the exception of the 2 hours I spent meeting with another client.  Any who I ran into some serious issues.  Friday, the client approached me and informed me that the fabrics we decided on (I.E. the 100% teal silk) was not an exact match for the shoes that are to be worn. 

I drove a good part of the day on Saturday to DC, and 3 other cities in VA, but could not find a color match.  Just when I was about to give up, I found a place (G Street new favorite store) that had an exact match for that weird shade of teal emerald.
But the catch, was the material I found wasn't suitable for my suit coat design.
So, I made it into a dress; found another material for the jacket and wallah:

The client originally requested a teal outer shell with pink lining.

This is not the finished just yet.  I still need to sew more pieces, but in the end it will be a short flirty number with a drapping effect.  With the jacket, I need to press and top stich everything to give it that polished look.

I hope the client likes this new approach.

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