Client Mock Up: Hair Show #4

Hey all:

I know I'm a little behind on this project.  I had hoped to be completed this weekend finalizing with alterations.  All you twitter followers know I was a bit under the weather.  I'm feeling much better now and playing catch up.  I anticipate an all nighter or two, but anticipate having this completed NLT Next Sunday.  Yay!  Anywho here's some pic updates:

This is just gorgeous when the light hits it!

Thomas was so awesome to give this male mannequin.  Whether it was a loan or a keeper; he had a little cosmetic damage (not fully pictured).

 But have no fear I repaired him.
I stuffed his burn, sealed with fabric glue and muslin and made him a new cover.

Oh yeah I got a new sewing machine to add to my collection of four.

It's so awesome!  It embroiders, serges, and sews.

I'll post more updates later this week.

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