Dreamheart Spotlight #15

When I think of urban models, I think of the epitome of the everyday woman.  Urban models possess voluptuous curves and, many times, lack in the height of super models.  Yet, the urban modeling division has a strong hold on a significant margin of the fashion industry.   This tip in the physical appearance balance scale and alteration in standards however does not make flourishing in this sector any easier. “ I was excited the first time [modeling]”, recalls 20-year-old urban model hopeful, Nichelle.  “I'd never done anything like it before. I was especially excited that I was getting paid for it! I brought a plethora of clothes. You name it, I had it," she said.  "The studio was nice, the photographer was friendly, but unfortunately, I looked terrible in the photos.  I was given NO direction and my make up didn't really show up and my hair was messy. Did anyone tell me? No.”

Pass her teens yet with the time on her side, Nichelle continues to grow and improve with each new assignment.  She uses the professional experts of this field as her home study guilds and often the underdogs as well.
“ I mainly look up to people who are on ANTM [America’s Next Top Model]. I especially look up to the ones who don't win, but still go far in the industry," Nichelle mused.  "Some of my favorite models include Ann Ward, Laura Kirkpatrick, and although she's not been on it long, AzMarie Livingston from this season. She has a portfolio on Model Mayhem as well, and I absolutely love it. I like seeing models go from being virtually unknown, to living their dreams. I'm definitely open to other styles. I think that urban is just my go to style. “

Nichelle’s desire to model sprouted from a deep appreciation of self worth.

“I've wanted to model ever since I stood in front of a mirror and saw myself for who I really am.  I thought that person was beautiful and I am not ashamed to show who I am anymore. Even if who I am has a lions mane for hair or uneven skin tone. I'm perfect with my flaws, and so is everyone else,” she said.
“I want people to be able to look up to me and say they aspire to do something great with their lives. If I could be a part of that revelation in any way, I'd be honored.”

Nichelle is self reliant with locating assignments.

“I mostly find my work on Model Mayhem or by word of mouth,” she said. “Occasionally I'll be approached by a photographer when I'm out and about. But that's pure luck.”

“With my schedule, nothing is easy! So when I do find work, I'm extraordinarily grateful.”

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Nichelle for either more information and/or booking:

MySpace- www.myspace.com/ elinichelle
Model Mayhem- www.modelmayhem.com/elinichelle
*Photo credits: Eclectic Photos, Washington DC

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  1. Nichelle is such a beautiful woman - no wonder she makes an excellent model!! [wish I had her curves *sigh* lol]


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