Book Excerpt: I Am A Harvester Of Light by Sarah Tsomides

I Am A Harvester Of LightI Am A Harvester Of Light by Sarah Tsomides
Kindle Edition, 75 pages
Published by Amazon Digital Services

I was born into a society, a village close to the forest; a conservative one indeed, the death of my parents when I was young left me with questions about the traditions and beliefs fostered by the Forest Council.

Light and darkness represents two different things for the inhabitants of the village where I live; light is represented by good and darkness as evil. The definition does not sound as easy as you would think. There seems to be more to the evil and good side!

My parents were swallowed by darkness and neither did I know that more tragedy was on its way. A tragedy which I could or maybe would handle. If you are reading this; then be afraid of the dark henceforth and as for the light hold on to it wisely but with logical reasoning.
We have the harvesters of light and the shadowers all wrestling for survival, identity in a society fostered by class, gullibility, oral tradition, secrecy, and thirst for power. But one thing remains for certain- I am a harvester of light.

"Deepin the forest of Leafwood, I reside among a peaceful community, governed by The Forest Council, which fosters our old traditions and beliefs. Since times long ago, our people have feared the night. The purity of light is sacred to us here and brings us comfort, protecting us from the evil hidden in the dark. The Shadowers are the malevolent beings who threaten to rip apart our calm lives and so we must cast them out. For every person who dies here, a Shadower is born, but no one knows who will be chosen next and the threat hangs over us. The council is our protector, but are we too confident in our ability to keep thed arkness back? Can our traditions protect us against the evil that lurks beyond our forest? The wisest person I know is my grandmother. She raised my sister and I, after our parents were consumed by the darkness, and taught us right from wrong. In our fight against the night, it is my duty to help safeguard Leafwood, as I am a Harvester of Light."

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