Client Mock Up: Me (All Done)

This is for those who requested to see the finished product from Client Mock-Up: Me #1 :

I was going for a 1940's vintage style wiggle dress!
 I was inspired by Joan Harris-Holloway on Mad Men. This was made with denim!


  1. Congratulations Katrina. It is awesome. How did it go with hubbies suit jacket?
    You wear it well!


    1. Thanks! The show went well. My client was very happy and everyone gushed over his suit. The pix I took were terrible due to the lighting. I've requested shots from the hired photographer, and when they're available, I will post them. Thanks for visiting.

      I never got around to the suit jacket and the hubbie ended up wearing a modified sheersucker jacket, khakis, and boat shoes (He looked so handsome!). I'm currently working on a substitute for him.


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