Dreamheart Spotlight #18

After a one week hiatus, Dreamheart Spotlight returns with a feature of an ambitious  fashion model with visionary ideas. "My goal is to create a brand that will expand my opportunities in this industry as well as create opportunities for the next model, fashion designer, fashion marketer, etc", said 26 year old, Alexcina (aspiring model and entrepreneur from Georgia.). "Its not all about me so its great to be in a position to provide a path that others can follow."

Alexcina is not signed to an agency and is in search of representation to help out with booking and more exposure to industry professionals. "I see myself progressing into a mogul in this field, setting the standards for newer generations," she said.  "I NEVER stop dreaming no matter my current circumstances."

"Modeling has always been a dream of mine but one major thing I lacked growing up was the confidence to put myself out there. One day I made a decision to go after this dream. I booked my first photo shoot just to see if I was any good in front of the camera, and to network. The process was a little nerve racking because I thought I didn’t do a good job but once I saw the photos I KNEW that I belonged in the modeling world."

Even with quite the impressive portfolio, Alexcina still maintains her zest. "I love this career because it gives me a chance to live a dream, bring a positive black face to the modeling world, show a business side of the modeling industry, and branch out into other arenas within the entertainment industry such as acting, hosting, fashion, as well as spokes models/ambassador for social causes", she said.

This young business woman has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, a Master’s in Entertainment management, and juggles other ventures off the catwalk. "Paina B Music Marketing is a company I started back in Dec 2010 to provide strategic marketing activities to indie and upcoming artists. I feel that executives should step up to the plate and do the leg work to get quality music to listeners versus chasing after the latest trend for a quick dollar.

BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is an added element to Paina B Music Marketing that I started back in August to provide artists with marketing tips/ideas to help them out until they are able to afford professionals in this area. I’ve also started a monthly “Artist Spotlight” segment on the blog to promote GREAT artists whom are often over looked and/or need that media exposure to get them to their desired level.

Both the blog and the company have been a great success so far and I’m looking to do amazing things in the remainder of this year."

Alexcina's availability for modeling projects is limited during the weekdays due to her full time career; however her schedule is flexible on weekends for projects, shoots, events, as well as traveling.  When Alexcina's not posing for the cameras or helping Indie artist gain exposure, you can find her on late nights dancing in her living room to relieve stress.

Want to Know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Alexcina for either more information and/or booking:

Press Inquiries – Ealexcina@yahoo.com
Model Mayhem# - 1445720
Twitter - @TweetAlexcina;
Instagram – LaVitaDiAlexcina

To learn more about Paina B Music Marketing:
Follow on Twitter – www.Twitter.com/PainaB

To learn more about BRASH!:

(Photography Credits: *1st Picture* Eric Riley – Vivid Glamour; *2nd Picture* David Brown; *3rd Picture*  Christopher Brown Photography)


  1. I like that motto "I never stop dreaming...". It looks like you are living your dream. Good for you :)

  2. She's very inspiring. Good luck on the modelling carier :)

  3. Nice getting too know you Alexcina :) Have fun doing what you love and when the time is right and in no time at all I'm definite you'll get signed. Good luck to you!


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