Dreamheart Spotlight #20

In the “Goddess of the Spectrum” photo shoot with DC photographer, Dwayne of Magnetic Images Photography, I was introduced to model, Janet A O.  Her humble yet witty personality  and sassy poses made this event a very painless experience.  And to top it all off, I celebrated my anniversary of birth that day which made this model all the more memorable.   “I love the glamour of it all, the makeup, the clothes, and just being able to give the product or photos come to life,” said the college senior.  “I will soon be graduating from Towson University with bachelor's of science degree in Psychology.”

This industry hopeful has never taken a formal modeling course, but this doesn’t stop her from dreaming BIG.  “My goal as a model is to be a spokesperson for any major beauty/hair line product or clothing company. Anything involved in commercial print. People are always buying beauty/hair products so you are always going to need models to promote and sell the product.”

Janet also has a history with dance and music.  She’s been singing since the age of 8, and was in gospel choir in high school her freshman year. Janet’s performed at churches and for numerous school assemblies. “[I] took private vocal lessons my sophomore year in college, [and] did a private vocal recital for the head of the music department of Frostburg State University,” she said.   Janet’s vocal range is Mezzo Soprano.

She started dancing at the age of 15 doing Ballet, Modern, West African Dance, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Tap. “[I] danced all throughout high school and was on Frostburg State Dance Company my freshman year in college. [I] performed for Diva Works Dance Company Dance recital where I choreographed my own Belly Dance Piece to 'Beautiful Liar' by Beyonce and Shakira,” she said.

Janet's striking features can be attributed to her diverse background. “My parents are both of Nigerian heritage, but I was born in District of Columbia, I travel to the country at the age of 12, and the people there are very family oriented and welcome. The culture is very rich, and the food is amazing, my favorite dish is joll of rice. One of the cultural traditions that we practice, is when we throw parties/weddings we spray the people conducting the party and their family with money.”

As with all who desire to baste in microscope of the lime light, Janet recognizes the importance of maintaining physical standards.  Yet also like the majority, she sees it as a continuous battle.  “My nutrition goes up and down from time to time, my weakness is fries, but I usually eat healthy for the most part, no white bread, mostly water, and green tea”, she said. “I am an avid yoga fan! I try to do yoga 2-3 times a week.”

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*Photography Credits: Todd Willis and Carol D photography.*


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