Dreamheart Spotlight # 21

My hair may exceed my collar, look pleasing to the eye, and not snare when touched.  Yet I said it once and will say if again, “I know NOTHING about hair”.  Any environmental elements that contribute to my mane outside of genetics is completely unintentional; and I couldn’t maintain, share or duplicate it if I tried.  Therefore when a subject matter expert speaks with sound advice….I listen!

It is with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to interview, hair stylist Keila Sone on today’s Dreamheart Spotlight.

Keila decided to become a master at taming locks for the sheer fun of it.    “It seemed like something I would enjoy doing as an art form”, she said. “After beauty school, I apprenticed for DramaticsNYC and Mark Garrison Salon.”

She believes “Hair relates [to personal style] as artistic and sexual expression.”  “Hair reflects a person self-esteem”, she said.  “If your hair is trash, you can became depress and ashamed of be in public.”

This cutting edge HEADliner (pun intended) is inspired by Madonna, Deepak Chopra, art, fashion, under ground music scenes and storytelling.  She loves the iconic hairstyles of Nick Arrojo, Louis Lacari and Tabatha Coffey. 
 If you’re ever in her chair and unsure of the style you want, she’s most likely to talk you into getting her favorite look: the Mohawk. Keila’s said that her favorite kind of hair to work with is “Texture hair”. “Because it can hold any shape”, she explained.

Of her most cherished clients, famous and well known, top the list. “Celebrity life coach Karen  Hoyos”, she said, “ she was so sweet!”

Our most educational noteworthy part of the interview came when Keila dished out the tips for the average gal to achieve above average results at home.

Keila recommended products such as Moroccan oil Mask ,Sebastian velopt series, Davines sea salt, CHI silk serum, and styling tools such as CHI blow-dryer,curling irons, round brushes.  She advised people to stay away from Hair gel!  “It can blog your hair follicles and cause hair lost”, she said.  “Also glue or bond extensions, it can cause hair breakage.”

She also went on to say “Don't shampoo every day! Don't skip hair trims! Don't flat iron without heat protector spray!”

For taming wild curls, Keila suggests using smoothing shampoo and conditioners shine serum and light weight leave-in styling cream.

As far as today’s hair trend and how to achieve it:  “Multicolor strands, particularly pastel colors”, she said. “Best way to mimic some of this style is with clip-on hair extensions and temporary hair color spray.”

Some good tips for young people trying to break into the industry is “Go to the top schools like Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Tony & Guy, Arrojo and apprentice for Upscale salons. The training will be top notch,” she said.

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Keila for either more information and/or booking:
Twitter: @KeilaSone
Model Mayhem: #1441112

 UPDATE:  " I just wanted to let you know that I will be opening my own salon in east village {in NYC}called Salon Hue right around Sept. 2012. I'm still in the beginning stages of it."

*Photography Credits: Alejandro Cedena (Photographer) and Tanisha Faye (MUA)

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  1. I totally love those hairstyles!

  2. Hairstyles are definitely making a statement. (Grin) Kretch1@att,net

  3. Fabulous! I don't style my hair much but I really like looking at the different do's other people sport.


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