Dreamheart Spotlight Update # 1

Kindred Dreamheart is very proud to present our very first update on a Dreamheart Spotlight.  It is my goal to provide spotlights exposure to encourage success! 

The guy next door has relocated to Georgian Way.

"Georgian Way is a new comedy series about Steven, a mild-mannered accountant, whose sedate life is constantly being turned upside down by his freeloading older brother, Skippy, and their neurotic neighbors. " (New episodes every other Thursday at 9pm starting May 10, 2012.)

John Gurtshaw/ Dreamheart Spotlight # 13  is a very talented Actor/Model/Singer that I've had the pleasure working with on a past photo shoot.  I recently caught up with the very busy entertainer and chatted a bit via Facebook.  Here's the interview & sneak peek at the show:

How did you land a role on Georgian Way?
First I just wanted to say thank you again Katrina for not only another opportunity to be featured in your blog, but also for your continuing appreciation and support for others like myself in this industry. It really means a lot.

I've had the joy of working with Tracey Mckoy, the writer for Georgian Way, for the last two years almost. She lives in Owings Mills herself and I met her when auditioning for a sitcom pilot in Baltimore with Rootbranch Productions Inc. called Brand New Day. Since then I have worked with her in other films and pilots that she has submitted to festivals in and out of the area. One of which was shot last June called Government. That pilot was not only shown at the NY film festival in November last year, but the San Diego Black Film Festival in January and more recently the screened in a festival in Cleveland, OH. The actual web series Georgian Way was brought up in discussion by her last year, just filming for it didn't beginning until March of this year. She came to me and said she had this idea for a series and wanted to know if I would be part of the project. She said it was a comedy and thought I would fit the role rather well.
Did you originally try out for the role of Steven or did you have another character in mind?
I didn't try out persae for Steven. When I received the script from her to read she told me to go ahead and look at the part of Stephen and tell her what I thought. My response of course was absolutely I'll be part of this. I did glance at Skippy's role when I did the read through, but thought Tracey was right and Steven just seemed to make more sense for me to portray.

Who wrote and performed the theme song?
Sonia Rutstein is credited for writing and performing our theme song. I personally don't know her myself though. I will say though that the theme song does have a nice hook and is pretty catchy. Hope the audience agrees.
When will the next episode air?
The second episode, "Oh Baby" will air Thursday May 24th @ 9pm. Apparently Steven and Skippy's mom has big news to tell them and from there it just gets more and more humorous.

The cast is hilarious; does it have potential to grow in the up coming shows?
I'm glad you find the cast to be hilarious. I think that is what Tracey was aiming for when she wrote this, hoping folks would [have a] good laugh. I think it is an interesting concept for a show. If I had to compare it to anything I would say its a cross between The Office and Modern Family. I think there is potential for the cast to grow in the upcoming shows. Especially when it comes to Steven's neurotic neighbors. I think between them and his older brother Skippy, played by Daniel Thorp, he tends to go through a lot in this series. Some priceless moments in some cases. Needless to say with 13 episodes for season 1 and 6 if those still needing to be filmed we are looking for extras and re-occurring roles for the show. Contact information is on the site.

Can Skippy get any dumber?
Can Skippy get any dumber? Probably ha ha. But again as we learn from the 1st episode. "He is not retarded stupid, just lazy stupid."

Are your scripts written or ad-libbed?
The scripts are actually written. Though sometimes on set things have been added especially if its funny and adds to the show.

What are the official places the shows can be seen?
The official places you can find the show on right now are Facebook, You Tube, and Blip.tv. There will be more places to follow I'm sure. Currently we are working on possibly getting Twitter set up so fans can follow the show.

Do I have permission to post episodes to my blog?
Yes you can post episodes on your blog. We would love to see the word getting out about the show and people tuning in to watch.

Anything else you want to add?
As far as anything else? My only other thought is that if you like the show, love the show, and want keep Georgian Way alive, then viewers can contribute and make a donation online straight from the site. http://georgianway.com/ and click on donate in the corner. Funds go to keeping up with the lights, sound, wardrobe, and all the time and energy put in to making a great show. We hope people will enjoy this season and hopefully the show turns out well enough for a second season next year. Second season though is just going to be crazier than first no doubt.

Georgian Way:  Episode 1 - Here Comes The Bride  

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