Kindred Dreamheart on a Star Introduction

As you all well know to style celebrities is my career aspiration To see one of my designs grace the red carpet brings tears to my eyes just daring to dream it.    Yet with the influx of reality television, that dream seems almost unobtainable without subjecting your life in a play by play to the general public.  Let me tell you…that’s just scary thinking about it.  I’ve had clients, fans, family and friends alike ask me why won’t I go on Project Runway or any of the other “You’re going to be famous by allowing us to film you” shows.  I can’t even fathom it.  Blogging has been the most exposed I have ever been in my entire life, and even now I’m still guarded.  So I sooth myself by whisperingbaby steps, baby steps”; while maintaining my vice grip on my dream.  Perhaps a few prayers are slipping through those pearly gates because now I am able to bring a long awaited feature to my blog:  Kindred Dreamheart on a Star!  That’s right folks.  It would appear I am getting lucky.  On this feature I will showcase celebrities (local, regional, foreign, worldwide and global), I’ve had the opportunity to dress in an Kindred Dreamheart original.  This will air on Saturdays when there is a client to be presented, so stay tuned.


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