Maternity Wear Brainstorming...

What is "Chic" in today's maternity wear?  Here's a few tops and gowns for mommys-to-be that caught my eye:

Street Mom maternity costume
From TicciRockabilly

River of Romansk Blush Dusty Pink Rose Kimono Dress Peach Rustic Goddess Marie Antoinette Romantic Bridesmaid Chiffon Lace Hem Grecian Dress
From RiverOfRomansk

Womens Maternity Blouse Custom Order Patisserie Shoulder Ruffle Ivory or White
 From SavoyFaire

FATOU African Boubou Cotton Wax Maxi Blouse
From bOmode

Boho Hippie Short Soft Cotton Dress  S- XL (M)
From siam2u

Maternity Maxi Dress Ruffles and Bows Patisserie Photo Gown Custom Ivory or White Womens Vintage Inspired
From SavoyFaire

Teal Satin Signature Couture Halter with Hidden Pockets-Wonderful Holiday Hostess Dress
From Chabri

Simply Pleats Dress One fit all most
From siam2u

Wedding Maternity Dress. Custom Wedding Gown. Pale Mint Green. Size S. M. L. XL. Plus Size. Custom Made. CANADA. Plus Size Clothes.
From PlusSizeClothing

maternity dress custom made in sizes 6 to 30
From CuteandEvil

Maxi Maternity dress in Green Color
From estmoda
Maternity Blouse from White Cotton
From estmoda

Dress / WEAR ART / Van Gogh / Caramel / Romantic / Dreamy / Soft / Silk / Flowy / Delicate / Tunic / Art Dress
From AtelierSignature
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  1. Sometimes maternity wear is way better than regular clothes! I love the Chabri and RiverofRomansk dresses

    1. I agree! I didn't realize just how cute it was until I picked up this project. I think I will start incorporating alot more empire waists in my designing now.

  2. I love these maternity clothes! My sister is pregnant right now, and when I offered to give her my maternity clothes, she refused to wear them at first without even looking at them. I told her they're made so cute these days. When she finally took the clothes from me, she wears them all the time now and is happy with the way they look, lol. :)

    BTW, your blog is beautiful! You recently gave it a makeover, right? Love it!


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