One Liner Review: Chapter 19: The Soul Chaser by Studio Kawaii

Chapter 19: The Soul ChaserChapter 19: The Soul Chaser
by Studio Kawaii
Published March 26th 2012 by MangaMagazine (March 26, 2012)

My rating: ♥♥♥

Adriel destroys the lock of hair Fabrice carried in his pocket watch. But did he arrive too late?

{One liner Review Edition}

I recently created the “One liner Review” header for books (mainly Manga & graphic novels) that I read yet they didn’t create a lot of buzz for me to chatter off in a review.  For some it because they are mere segments of an over story that I have not followed from the beginning, therefore they are judged solely on the comic art and flow of the events.

I got this book free via Amazon. It was a nice quick teaser of a read. Now I'm ready to buy the complete book and find out what happened before and after this segment.


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