Rant & Rave: because sometimes, I've just got to vent. After being the nice little, sometimes doormat, darling for 20-something years, some things just get to me. Won't it be fun if I shared?

I received an invite via email for an upcoming fashion week.  I'm on alot of mailing lists so this is nothing new. I've noticed something before; yet today it caught my eye and latched on for dear life.....take a look at this:

If you haven't noticed, here's the problem:

Looks familiar?

I posted about this here!

I'm not as mad as I probably should be right now, but I emailed them and hopefully they'll remove it before things have to get ugly.  I just can't believe an organization as established as this one would flat foot steal my artwork.  It would be a complement if they asked first, or heck even made one that just looked like mine.  It would be even better if they were talking about me or linked back to my site.  But this one is a rip off, complete with my name in the center....WOW!


Glad to see the new image:

Close enough to an apology, so I'm good! 


  1. Oh wow! This sucks big time! I hope it gets resolved.

    Talk Supe

  2. The company has cooperated! I am pleased to say they agreed to removal and discontinued use.

  3. It is ALMOST flattering. I bet you were steaming! By the way, I love your heart.


    1. Thanks! I spent some time working on it, so I've very proud of it. I guess I should feel honored. They liked it enough to rip me off. I guess I'm moving up in the world *sarcastic voice* Anyways... I'm just glad they removed it.


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