Dreamheart Spotlight # 22

“Advertisement in general is pretty sneaky! The economy could be in absolute destruction, and Advertisements will still be running in Newspapers, popping up Online, showing on TV, and airing on the Radio. Even when we don't pay attention to Ads, they have a way of being retained in our subconscious!”  The validity of this statement can be accessed by analyzing the mind behind the words.  Accomplished model, Kenya Thomas has established her fashion image presence in magazines and television.  “I conquered that”, she joked.

Kenya was inspired to be the focus of the flashing lights from prime time television; and believes this is obtainable to anyone who desires.  “…they just have to have knowledge of what genre they best fit into”, she said.  “Most people assume that because they're not 5'9 or a size 2 that they can't Model.... When in all actuality Fashion Modeling makes up a small percentage of the Modeling world. I have the right to choose a career as anyone else. If someone wants to choose to be a Doctor, I have the right to choose to be a Model - It's just my job to learn, study, practice, and progress in my craft!”

Kenya went on to say, “I'm a Libra, and we're natural charmers! I could get along with ANY kind of person! I'm very friendly, it brings me peace! I'm patient to an extent - not that I get angry or anything... I get very ANXIOUS! I over think and overanalyze just about everything, so when something's taking too long my thought process goes something like: "Oh no, I hope this works out. I really need (insert here) to do this or else I won't be able to (insert here)" - I really become a hot anxious mess”, she laughed.  “As far as being open to clients, it depends. I'm not open to anything that would degrade my character (for example, booty shaking in a rap video wearing a bikini). In all fairness though, I would never waste a client's time by submitting to a job that I knew I wouldn't approve of doing!”
“I don't want people to view me as a girl that just takes off all of her clothes to get ahead (My work, nor my personality reflects that!)”
At the moment, Kenya is freelancing agent free.  “I have the most sporadic schedule”, she exclaimed.  “I pretty much book my schedule as I go, so I don't really have set hours!”
With such a super kind-hearted, sometimes goofy and positive spirit, the sky’s the limit for Kenya’s modeling career. “…now I'm advancing my goals to Modeling and speaking at Modeling Workshops all over the world, and building my empire from there”, she said.  “As long as I continue working hard, the Universe will take me wherever I need to go!”
Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Kenya for either more information and/or booking:
Twitter: @ModelKThomas
Website: http://www.kenyathomas.com/ (coming soon!)

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  1. I love her attitude to attaining her goals - hard work & believing it will happen. Love it!!



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