Dreamheart Spotlight # 24

...he rock climbs in his spare time.

“One thing few people know about me is I never been trick-or-treating for Halloween during my childhood,” said aspiring Model/Actor Joseph Amichia Jr.

This laid-back and easy-going gentleman is also a college man currently pursing his 2nd bachelor of science in civil engineering. “What led me to start modeling was being expose to my inspirations of that possible first step into a future career as a movie/TV actor”, he said. “My goals as a model is to be featured in GQ and many other famous publications. Become a household name and known worldwide as a unique talent.”

This Georgian local is of Ghanan heritage. “Other than English I speak a little Spanish, Sarcasm, French and Tre (Ghana dialect)”, he said.

Joseph is also very energetic and health conscious mentioning that he rock climbs in his spare time.

As an actor, Joseph has appeared in over six productions. “I have participated in: Reel Productions (Ramos/Humberto Law Firms); Divine & Extra Entertainment; Quad D Films; Perfect Population/Dyme Empire Brand; Kick Doe Ent; and Fit2DMax”, he said. “I am going to work on improving my acting skills by attending acting school/classes to better my craft to the highest potential”, he said. “The tips to become a successful actor is a strong work ethic. No one wants to collaborate with someone who is lazy. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice....until your eyes turn red. Take direction very well. LISTEN. Be committed. Proper body language.”

One of Joseph’s biggest dreams is portraying a boxer in a biography movie. “What makes me special is my uncommon, weird in a pleasant way persona”, he said. “Being my own man, never worry what anyone thinks of me or allow others to restrict my purpose on this globe. I don't show alot of emotion. Handling rejection and heavy criticism, very well! In this industry there are more NO's than YES but only the strong survive.”

“My best quality as an actor would have to be my quick line learning technique due to my big memorization skills, which I can add additional magic to my passionate voice.”

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
The best way to contact Joseph for either more information and/or booking:

Model Mayhem-#1360778
Vimeo- 35044598

{Credits: Photo 1- Drew Crozier (Heard Magazine) ; Photo 2- No Contenders Creative Agency, LLC; Photo 3- CBS 46 News Tv Morning Show-Spring Sneaker Trends (Better Mornings America)}


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