Fashion Friday # 1 {Featuring @ShannonDuffyLit, @kingasektas, @WuzzysCreations, @Federica}

Fashion Friday is a weekly meme created by FireStarBooks in order for book lovers to post any fashion related idea or image that they thought would be a great match for books on Friday.

Spectral by Shannon Duffy 

Convinced she’s a part of the witness protection program, sixteen-year-old Jewel Rose is shuffled around the globe with her family like a pack of traveling gypsies. After arriving at lucky home twenty-seven, she stumbles upon a mysterious boy with magical powers claiming to be her guardian . . . and warning of imminent danger. Despite the obvious sparks between them, Jewel discovers a relationship is forbidden, and the more she learns about dark, brooding Roman, she begins to question who she can even believe—the family who raised her, or the supposed sworn protector who claims they’ve been lying to her all along.

As she struggles to uncover who her family has really been running from, she is forced to hide her birthmark that reveals who she is. With new realities surfacing, unexplained powers appearing, and two tempting boys vying for her heart, Jewel battles to learn who she can trust in an ever growing sea of lies, hoping she’ll make it through her seventeenth birthday alive.

Thoughts:  I just love the off the shoulder Bohemian flair.  The butterfly on the finger gives just the right touch of perfection to this overall dreamy cover!  Now let's bring this look to the world of non-fiction/the real world, but way of ,yours truly, a fellow reader.... 

Fashion Finds:
(Note: All fashion finds are currently listed for sale.  Click on the source link if you're interested in  purchasing the item.)
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Relaxed shortsleeve- Summer Fashion - Womens clothing-Women's fashion -Bohemian- Off the Shoulder- Oversized Shirt- Tee Shirt

Final Words: This was a fun exercise and may just take the place of  "Fashion Forward Fiction Friday".  I believe interpretation of the actual styles from the novel cover may be more applicable to my followers.  Bravo to Five Star Books for creating such a fun meme. 

Special thanks to Aurora Leah from aurorawear1, watoglawicicalas from watoglawicicalas, Peachy Creations from WuzzysCreations, Jen Sealock from radrocket, Federica from ChiccaStyle, and Kinga Sektas from KingaSektas .            


  1. WOW! I looove this, especially the black and neon dress! And wow! Those gigantic butterfly rings! Thank you for being a part of the meme :)

  2. What an amazing post. I love it!! So many great things, and that dress.. WOW!

  3. Katrina, this has to be one of the coolest blogger posts yet - thanks for allowing Shannon's cover to spark your fashion creativity - love it! :)


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