Dreamheart Spotlight # 26

Article Amendment  {10/11/13 08:14AM}:At the request of the model, all photos have been removed.

“It started when I was about 13 years old,” said aspiring model Mialei Gomez.   “I became obsessed with posing in front of the camera.”

“I have not attended any courses for modeling whatsoever”, she said. “Honestly, if you ask me, I don't believe modeling schools or courses are necessary. I think if you have the talent, that's all that should matter. You can't be taught a talent, it comes from within naturally.”

Mialei  is a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) whose fluent in English, a novice in Spanish and intermediate in Chinese. She believes communication is a big part of life. “With technology going the way it is, it gets harder and harder for people to communicate”, she said. “I do not really like to communicate over emails, social networking, or mail. I like telephones and face to face. However, if needed, I am open to emailing, texting, and social networking. In my opinion, I am a very patient person; after all, patience is a virtue. I am as friendly as can be and can be very open depending on my comfort zone.” 

Others have noted Mialei as having a “heart of Gold” [meaning she care for everyone]. Yet this lady “don't take crap from anybody.”  “I don't like flakes or games. I am strictly a business person”, she said.  “I am very patient, very caring, down to earth and I don't play games, but, if the time is right I have a very big sense of humor. “

With dreams of having her face on billboards, top magazines, and TV, Mialei is open to both full-time and part-time modeling assignments.  “My goals as a model is to become well established, be represented by a legit agency, and make it big by modeling”, she said.  “I see myself progressing by promoting businesses, companies, and having my face sold to top magazines and campaigns, etc...”

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?To contact Mialei for booking and/or more information:
Email: mialeigomez292@gmail.com.
Facebook (Fan Page): https://www.facebook.com/miagomez93 


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