Dreamheart Spotlight # 27

stay AWAY from store products

" 'Dreams only work if you do' and boy I tell you is it true , honestly there has been times I wanted to quit but I fought it and so many good things came my way”, said up and coming independent hair artist , Corrin Allen.  Corrin has been in the industry for over 5 years and was named 2011 Las Vegas Hair Artist of the year.  She is currently the lead hair stylist for several Las Vegas performers and is a freelance writer.

“I became a stylist mainly because I wanted to help woman feel beautiful inside and out”, she said.   “What inspires me most is music it puts me in a mood that connects my emotions and mind and makes me feel my work.”

Corrin loves crazy up do show hair with lots of colors and items in the hair . “Its what I call art” ,she said. “I was told I was a emotional stylist", she laughed, "but depending on the season and colors it changes all the time. So I am never board with my career.”

Of her celebrity clientele, Corrin’s favorite is The Martin Show former actress, Trish Penix (recurring as Sharlice in the boom boom room), “She always motivates me as a person and artist ”, she said.

“The one person who truly inspires me today is Nicki Minaj “, Corrin said.  “She is one person I would love to work with, her style is very unique and says I don’t care if you don’t like me.”

Corrin’s favorite hair products include Redken.  “A must have”, she said, “and my fav[orite] color line is Matrix ALL DAY.”     This renowned stylist warns that consumers “stay AWAY from store products!"

"If it’s not bought in a salon you truly are wasting your money”, she said.  Another tip for the fashion forward diva is, “if you are over the age 12 don’t wear pigtails! that has to be number one don’t !”

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**Credits: Image 1: Make by samiha G.L.A.M; Hair by Corrin; Model Brenda; & Photographer-WiLL HINES.  Image 2: Photghapher- LV Pro imaging; Model- Brenda; & Hair and Make Up by Corrin. Image 3: Make Up- Isaac Meyer; Model- Shani Gray; Hair by Corrin; & Photographer- Paul Hanseen.


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