Dreamheart Spotlight # 28

Follow your dreams and when nothing is going right, go left!
“I’m not afraid of jumping out there and take it to the next level”, said 16-year-old Cortney Churchill. “When I’m acting I can be who ever I want and that’s why I enjoy doing it.”

This aspiring model and actor has his eyes on auditioning at Juillard, “I’m a senior..whooooo!! School means a lot to me, that’s why I’m always so hard on myself,” he said.

“I’ve been interested in becoming a model when I was in the sixth grade”, Cortney said. “ I would be in the market and look at a magazine and just wonder what if that was me.”

Cortney has received training in the arts at John Casablanca’s Modeling & Acting Career Center in Atlanta. “ I’m still new to the game but I have some experience”, he laughed.

“My role model is Tami Moon. She’s my theater teacher and I’ve became fearless because of her! She motivates me to go higher, taught me a lot about acting, and actually believes in me. “

This ambitious youth’s celebrity favorites include Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. Cortney has participated in a handful of local productions thus far. “I’ve been in multiple plays such as A Raisin In the Sun, Little Shop of Horrors, The Good Doctor ; And I just got casted in a play called “Lord I Believe” written by Derrell Owens, which will be performed in 2013.”

As far as global production on a higher scale of broadcasting, Cortney has a preferred role in mind. “I would like to play a physico, something crazy, something that could be challenge”, he said. This actor’s diversity extends beyond performance and sometimes bleeds into profile cast. Yet Cortney wishes to clarify any ethnicity confusion: “...I’m not mixed,” he laughed,” everyone assume that I’m mixed because of my hair. I’m African American! “

Cortney may be a serious mature model and performer, but he still indulges from time to time. “I eat a lot of salad. Salad is good”, he said. “I like soul food, but I love sushi!! Sushi is amazingly good. I go to the gym whenever I have free time or I work out in my room, do about 75 pushups a day, and 50 crunches. “

With the summer break underway, Cortney’s schedule is wide open for booking. He ended the interview with tips for other aspiring actors, “Hmm…STAY IN CHARACTER!!” “My theatre teacher would always tell me” he laughed, “never give up, even after a million times you’ve been told NO! Follow your dreams and when nothing is going right, go left. “

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  1. Go Cort!!! You are doing big things and I am so very proud of you. You always had the look and charisma to excel, keep up the great work! Aminah Wise-B. Peace & Blessings love!


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